Search for NY Descendants

So, since my few finds this year, I have turned my research towards finding any living relatives in NY. Through Dennis’ obit, I  have the married names of his sisters and the area that they were living in the 1950’s. I used this info and found Catherine O’Connell Pratt, buried at Black River Cemetery, I have mailed a letter to a Mr Pratt of Black River, NY (Catherine’s son).  I believe he would be the nephew of my G Grandfather Dennis O’Connell. I mailed this letter on Oct 30, 2008, so I anxiously await a response. If this connection is correct, I have found many relatives to make a connection with, which excites me. This could make that trip to NY much more memorable. We won’t just have local cemeteries to visit. But hopefully live family as well. 

As I said, hopefully, Mr Pratt will respond that his mother is the daughter of John and Bridget O’Connell. Then we will be able to point is the correct direction of more family members that I have not found. 

If and when I get a response, I will let everyone know.

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