Breaking through the Brickwall

A few days ago I posted my brickwall ancestor, John O’Connell,  in  Most Wanted! Ancestors Lost and Found on Genealogy Wise. I had previously posted on a different group there as well and replies were few, but with some great ideas I had tried out. Unfortunately, I had not found any information through their suggestions. Thanks to the wonderful people that continue to check in on Most Wanted, not only have I been given some great advice, but GeneJ also found a State Census Record for John and his family in 1892 on Family Search. 

I have tried to upload the record here, but had no luck tonight I will try to edit tomorrow and see if I add it.

This newly found record confirms a few things for my family:

1. Bridget is the mother, though I have her burial info, I have not placed her in any census with her family.

2. Hattie is listed with the family as well. I have her burial info as well and I found that accidentally. She is buried in the same area as my Great Grandfather Dennis O’Connell. Most of the O’Connell’s buried there I could place. Once I had Hattie’s name, I was able to find her father John  in the 1910 Federal Census. He was living with her and her husband. 

3. According to every other census I looked at Hattie was born in 1880, NJ. This is also the same year as Elizabeth, I assumed one was born early in the year and the other, towards the end. According to this record, Hattie is 2 years older then Elizabeth.  Since both were born in NJ, I assume the family lived in New Jersey for a few years before moving to the area of Granville, NY.


Today’s lesson learned, go back and recheck websites that you previously have looked at. I go through Family Search about every six months to see if I can find anything. Usually I come out empty handed. 

For more information on my search, please follow our comments Most Wanted – John O’Connell.


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