Creating family history

This is a big week in my family. I am currently on a college road trip with my 17 year old son Corey. We are heading East to check out the colleges of his choice. Tonight we are staying in State College, PA and have a tour set up for Penn State tomorrow. We left home yesterday and spent Saturday evening with my Great Aunt Mary in Ohio. While visiting her, we went to the hospital to visit my Great Aunt Mae who is in their at the moment. It was wonderful to be able to see a few relatives. But, we had to head out to make our first scheduled tour. During our drive, we had great scenery to look at.

America truly is a beautiful place to be!  I am so glad that we are taking the time to make this drive east during the fall. The colors are beyond gorgeous! Vibrant oranges and yellows mixed in with deep shades of red! It is truly breath taking.



The only downside, we saw snow already! It is too early to be having to think about shoveling and scraping windshields. I hope we do not run into any. I did not bring the ice scraper with!

I did have the chance to read Randy’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun and hope to get to it during the week when I have a few minutes to look into it.


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