Tombstone Tuesday – John and Nettie Richmond


© Copyright 2009 Terri O’Connell

My son and I recently took a trip East to look at colleges. On our way home we stopped in Beckley, WV to visit a few cemeteries and to show him where his Grandma was born. We only had a short period of time to visit, but we made the most of it. I believe we saw about 4 cemeteries that day. My son got to stand at the grave of his 6th, 4th and 3rd Great Grandparents. It is all in a days work. I am grateful to Bob, who is  a distant relative on my Warden side, for taking the time to show us  the many different cemeteries. 

John and Nettie Warden are my Great Great Grandparents. They are one of the main reasons I made sure we stopped in Beckley on our way home from this road trip. I have recently found out that John Richmond was a 3rd degree Mason and Nettie was in the Order of the Eastern Star. I wanted to see of their tombstone had any symbols on it. Unfortunately, there were none. 

Though there were no symbols on the stone, the trip was well worth while. I met a few relatives and enjoyed my breif stay. I have learned that the Warden side of the family has a yearly family reunion, down the road from John and Nettie’s house. I hope to be able to attend one soon.



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  1. Teri, I think it’s great that you pass on your information to your son. I got nothing from my parents and have had to find out most on my own…I am bestowing the Kreativ Blogger Award upon you…

  2. Deez,

    Thank you so much. The kids do not really have a choice. I ramble on and on about family, if they happen to be in the car, they are a captive audience. But, most of them like walking through the cemeteries with me.

    My family as well, does not give much information. When I call my Grandma and ask her questions, she usually replies with “That was so long ago, I do not remember.” But, when I call back with information I have found, she laughs and says “Oh yeah, I remember that,” then she will tell me more stories. But, you have to start somewhere, right?

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