December 17, 2009 Another Grab Bag

Today’s posting for the Advent Calender of Christmas Memories in a Grab Bag. Genea Bloggers has asked us to post anything that helps us think of Christmases past.


For today’s Grab Bag post, my thoughts go to looking at the store holiday window displays. Growing up in Chicago has definite perks. As a child, one of my favorite parts of the holiday was to go downtown and look at all the shops holiday window displays. State Street was always brightly lit. I continued this tradition with friends once I was in high school and had friends who were able to drive.


Marshall Fields always had the best windows. It was always themed around some holiday story. Below is a photo of one window from last years display, which I believe was centered around the Nutcracker.

Sometimes we would also take a horse and carriage ride from the Old Water tower around downtown looking at the lights as well. I prefer this method of checking the lights out. With the blanket inside the carriage, it is much warmer then walking in the snow, with the wind and below zero temperatures. 


 This photo was taken a few years back on one of our trips downtown with the whole family.


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  1. Nice to visit your blog!

    Keep those ancestor stories coming!

    Bill 😉

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