Odds and Ends For Now

The last few weeks have been rough. As my readers know, I buried my Grandmother last week. I have so much I would like to say about her, as a person, woman and grandmother. Yet it seems when I sit and try to write, nothing comes out the way I would like it to. So, I have decided to let it sit for a bit and maybe, when I am less emotional I will be able to say what I feel I need to say about her. 

There has been a lot going on otherwise in life, this week I won entry for two into the Mesa, AZ Family History Expo. I entered a photo into the Luxegen Genealogy and Family History website. I entered my photo from the Hurt Family Cemetery, that I posted in October 2009. This is the link announcing my win. I am extremely excited about this. Thanks again to the Luxegen Genealogy and Family History.

Last but not least, I read a blog post by Amy at We Tree about Sticking My Toes in the DAR Pool and decided it was time for me to do the same. I filled out the Prospective Member form, clicked send and on its merry way it was sent into the DAR. Over the past few months, I had met a gentleman by the name of Bob, through GenealogyWise who stated he would assist anyone in searching for their patriot for the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). He found my patriot in one day and took my tree back 100 years! I was so excited. I have been sitting on my son’s forms for the SAR for about a month now (due to family illnesses). I am hoping to get them mailed out this week. Once Bob found my patriot, I started looking for the marriage license and Birth Certificates of the family members so that when I applied to the DAR, I would have the documentation that I needed. I need one more marriage certificate, but that one is for my parents, that will be easy to obtain. I wish that the DAR and SAR shared the same standards for proving your patriot. The SAR requires birth certificates to prove the line, no marriage certificate needed. 

I will continue to blog about the process for both SAR and DAR as our family goes through them.


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