Going back to school, online


Today I signed up to take 9 classes from the National Institute of Genealogical Studies, through the University of Toronto. I have decided to work towards my American Certificate in Genealogical Studies. Exciting, Right? Of course it is! 

I have completed my first class, Methodology: Part 1 – Getting Started already. I found this class to be rather easy, the basis for this class is to really look at the information that we already have and make the smart decision of were to go next. 

All classes post through your “briefcase,” you do the required reading and then do your homework. Homework so far has consisted of putting together a 5 generation pedigree chart of my family. So that had been done long before I took this class. But going back and looking at it is a good idea to see what information one is lacking in their tree. Other assignments have included case studies that the school has already done (names had been changed for privacy reasons). Each student would read the case study and then answer the questions that go along with it via their board. For the assignment with the case studies, the correct answer will appear in a pop up once you click on enter. 

I look forward to my next set of classes, which include:

Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program – Part 1

  • Electronic Resources: Using the Internet
  • Methodology  – Part 2:  Organizing and Skillbuilding
  • Research at Family History Centers
  • US: Census Records
  • US: Land Records
  • US: Religious Records – Part 1
  • US: Vital Records, Understanding & Using The Records

Again, I am really excited to be taking this step. When I complete these classes, I will then have to take the intermediate level classes. There are an additional 9 in that group. Finally, I will then have to take the Advanced level courses, which there are 11 of. 

The reason I decided to go with NIGS is because they are willing to work with you financially. Lets face it, this is important right now. Our economy has not improved. To take these courses individually would cost over $6000. Instead they offer package deals, if you do the three packages it will be just over $2000. $4000 is a great savings!

The school also has their own bookstore. They give you the opportunity to buy whatever books you might need and the print outs of all the classes, which is roughly $10 per class. This way, you do not have to print everything out and use your ink and paper. 

Not sure on dates for when I will start my next class. I will figure that out in the next day or so. Please come back and read more about my experiences with NIGS!


One response

  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Should be very interesting!

    Keep these ancestor stories coming!

    Bill 😉

    Author of “13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories”

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