School’s in session, post 2

Second week of school is done. I finished a few of the assignments today for one of the classes. One thing I have learned about myself in this process is this, if I have concerns over something I have not done before, I am a huge procrastinator. I read module 2 for my Methodology class and did the homework assignments that I had complete understanding of. As for the ones I did not, they waited until today. 

I started today off rereading the sections about abstracting information from records. This is not something I have done often and when I have done it, it has been a simple abstract of information. Simple because the record or index I had been looking at was simple information. What we need to abstract information off of was a document from the 1700’s, which is not something I have had any practicing looking at. 

Though I procrastinated for a week,  I did finish the assignment and can say I am glad that is behind me. Now on to week 3!

This weeks learning:

It is ok if you do not know everything, we all need practice. I need to spend some time transcribing and abstraction documents to improve my skills.


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  1. Thanks for the report. Keep up the good work. 😉

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