School’s in session, post 3

I finished module 3 for both classes early this week. I read both modules on Sunday and did the assignments for Methodology that day as well. Today, I took about 1.5 hours to do the assignments for the US Census Records class. I feel good that I finished early in the week. Because my goal is to get a head by at least one week. That way when the month of March starts, I will not feel to overwhelmed that there are two new classes waiting for me. In order to attain my goal of finishing the certification by April of 2011, I really need to stay on course and try to finish the classes in 4 weeks instead of five. 

I am learning many new techniques to keep track of my personal information. What I need to do is make a list of things I would like to change in my systems, (such as keeping a directory that is specifically for genealogy purposes) I started this awhile back and just need to go through and make sure I am continuing with it. Maybe I will purchase some index cards to make notes on these specific things, I like the feeling of crossing things off a list. Of course I can do this with either my phone or computer, but there is no satisfaction in deleting an item on my to do list. 

Forms are very important to researches, we use them to track what we have researched, what we want to research, who we have contacted and who has replied. I really need to find one that works for me. I have made a few, some have worked and others have not. 

This weeks learning:

It is easier to research your own family it seems, it makes more sense to me. Patience is needed to get through families I am not familiar with. I can get through this, some of the subject matter will be new to me and that is ok. I am doing this to learn and better myself.


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  1. Good for you. I can see you are learning with each post. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, your readers!


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