A New Surname to Search, Cote

My exciting weekend with a new cousin has proved to be insightful. She has shared some family stories and has passed on information to help me search. Today, she asked me this question, “At this point I need to ask if you want the details of all the family, Or do you want the thrill of the “Chase”, doing the research On your own with guides as to local and dates.”

My reply was, that I like the hunt as well. She very excited and gave me some information on Marie Elizabeth Cote to start with. She was 1 of 12 children born to Francios Xavier Cote and wife Felicite. 

Here are their children:

Joseph b. 11 Nov 1849 St Antoine, Quebec

Louis b. 15 Dec 1850, St Antoine, Quebec

Marie Rosalie b. 2 Feb 1852, St Antoine, Quebec

Marie Emilie  b. 26 Dec 1854,  St Antoine, Quebec

Marie Henriette  b. 9 June 1856, St Antoine, Quebec

David b. and d. 10 July 1853 St Antoine, Quebec

Marie Eilzabeth b. 21 Feb 1858, Apollonaire, Quebec (married Hilaire Fontaine)

Ferdinand b. 19 May 1859, Apollonaire, Quebec

Marie Arthemise  b. 8 Sep 1860, Apollonaire, Quebec

Xavier  b. 21 Dec 1862,  Apollonaire, Quebec

Marie Delima  b. 5 Sep  1864,  Apollonaire, Quebec

Rose DeLima  b 9 Apr 1866, Apollonaire, Quebec

This gives so many collateral lines to work on,  to try to find as much information as possible on this line. Beyond name and date of birth, I have nothing else on this family.

Photo believed to be of the Cote sisters, Mary is second from right.


Digital photo, original held by C. Cull, believed to be taken in Rumsford, ME
©Terri O’Connell 2010



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  1. I have given you the “Ancestor Approved” award that is going around because YOU are doing your ancestor’s proud. You can pick up your award here… http://bit.ly/cg1nKr

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