Sentimental Sunday – The Aroma of Grandma’s House

As a child Grandma Ida, (born Margaret Jaeger on 1 Jan 1919 in IL and died 15 Apr 1980, Chicago, IL)  would make her homemade jellies for the winter. There was always a jar in the fridge and a few more in the pantry. This was a day that would be spent entirely in the kitchen. The boiling of fruits left a more than pleasant aroma. I remember standing on a chair so I was able to look into the colossal pots filled with strawberry’s,  plums or whatever other fruit she used. I can still see the way her kitchen was set up and where each of the appliances belonged. I remember this being a day long project with benefits that would last for months to come. 


Ida M. Jaeger, digital copy provided by T. Foote ©2010 Terri O’Connell



As an adult, I wish that Grandma had lived well beyond 1980. I was 8 when she passed away and never really learned to make jelly like she did. I can make freezer jelly and that is really quick to make. Nothing like Grandma did when I was a child. No mason jars or wax needed. Just a plastic container that can be stored in the freezer. Luckily, I have an aunt who learned how to do this last summer and I hope I am  able to spend a day with her over summer to learn from her. 

My favorite jelly that Grandma made was plum. It is not the same as buying a jar of Smuckers or any other brand. I have purchased a few in the past and they never taste the same.


5 responses

  1. Great memories! I enjoyed sharing them with you!

    Bill 😉

  2. I make some jelly, our favorite is crab apple. It comes out pink and tastes great.

    I do not have any memories of my grandmother cooking anything, but I was only six when she died, and she had been ill.

    It was wonderful to read your memories!

  3. Pam, I am lucky that I have many memories of my Grandmother. As a small child, I spent most of my days with her. The jelly memories just seem to have been calling to me lately.

    Bill, thanks for the continuous reading and encouraging comments.

  4. This post reminds me of one Dear Myrtle did a few years ago about homemade jelly. I still haven’t tried making any.

    1. Cheryl, I have not read that post by Dear Myrtle, I will have to take a look at hers. Freezer jelly is really easy. No boiling of fruit required, you should try that. I gave some to the neighbors and there son ate the whole container in a day. It was yummy!

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