SNGF The Time Capsule

It has been awhile since I have participated in Saturday Night Genealogy Fun and tonight’s mission looked interesting. Thanks to Randy at Genea Musings for his great ideas and bringing fun into our research. Here is what Randy asks us to do this week:

“Your mission, should you deign to accept it (come on, it’s fun!), is to:

1) Go to the dMarie Time Capsule Website –

2) Select a date in your family history that you want to know about. You might pick a birth date or wedding date of your parents or grandparents.

3) Enter the date into the search form, and select the news, songs, toys, books and other things that you want to feature.

4) Share the date, why you picked it, and the results of your Time Capsule study on your own blog, in a comment to this post, or in a comment or post on Facebook.”
I picked 30 March 1888, this is the birthday of my paternal great-grandmother. I chose Rose because her line has been the family I have been recently working on and I feel some connection with her.

Friday, March 30, 1888
Top Songs for 1888
Peer Gynt Suite Berceuse
Capriccio Espagnol Drill Ye Tarriers Drill
L’Internationale Polovetsian Dances
Over the Waves Scarf Dance
1888 Prices US President
Bread: $0.02/loaf Grover Cleveland
Milk: $0.17/gal US Vice President
House: $5,750 No Vice President
Avg Income: $600/yr
Hot New Toys in 1888
Gund Soft Toys Tiddledy Winks

2 responses

  1. This is the year my maternal grandmother was born. Thanks for the info.
    Thanks to Randy for the suggestion!

    Bill 😉

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