Monumental Moments in Life

Not that these moments have anything to do with my research, I thought I would take a few minutes out of today and post what is going on in our lives. This week we have had 2 monumental moments. 1st, my son Corey moved to Mississippi to start college. I have to laugh when I think about this, as a child we spent many summers in northern Mississippi with friends of the family that we considered family. As a Mom, I am heart broken that my son has moved and that he made this step without my help (his Dad took him down to school). I have talked with him a few times each day since he left, but I know that will not continue once school starts next week.

Today, my youngest has started High School. She has decided to go to the Catholic school that I attended, as well as her older sister. I am overjoyed at the fact the kids are growing into fine young adults. Yet, I am sad that they need me less and less each day. Will there ever be a happy medium?


2 responses

  1. We are in the same boat and while it is hard and sad to see them spread their wings and fly away, we take great pride that apparently we have done our job well. For they would not be able to take these big steps if we had not. Take comfort and pride that you too have and are doing your job well as a parent.

  2. There is even greater pleasure growing old with your daughters as your best friends… one very happy parent of three daughters grown and happy! 😉

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