A Day in the Life of a Family Genealogist

I spent the day out with my cousin and her daughter.  It was an enjoyable day taking care of some business that we needed to. After the business was taken care and we were free to do as we pleased, we settled at a sports bar for lunch. Lunch was ok, conversation was excellent. My cousins youngest child, who is now 17 was very interested in our family history. My cousin advised me that she thought the daughter would be the next generation genealogist. I laughed and told her that I knew this a few years ago.

So, as we discussed the very confusing family we had,”K” (my next generation genealogist) truly understood who was related to whom and how the families intertwined together. When I left, “K” pretty much was able to take our family line back 4 generations with a bit of help. Not bad for a couple of hours of conversation going over our family.

I am excited about the fact that the information is not going to end with me. That someone will want to take the information and add to it. She was very interested in the few family mysteries that we have and wants to help solve them. I will have to figure out a way to get her more involved in my research. She is home schooled and wants her Senior Project to be based around genealogy! I am doing a happy dance as I type!

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  1. I love to hear stories of serious interest in family history by the young folks in the next generations! Thanks so much for sharing! 😉

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