The Christmas Tree

Last year for the Advent Calender of Christmas Memories, I wrote about the tree at Ida O’Connell’s home. This year, I thought I would write about my maternal Grandma’s Christmas tree.

Grandma Richmond would always decorate the house with two trees. One in the living room, by the picture window for everyone to see from outside. I loved sitting in the living room and looking at the lights, while the rest of the room is dark. This tree did not get much family love from it, it was just the “icing” of the decorations.

In the finished basement, we had another tree, a larger tree. This is the tree that was filled with presents for the grandkids. This is the tree that my brother hid the engagement ring for his first wife.

The basement is where the family celebrated the holiday with lots of good food, and I presume many good spirits for the adults (Grandpa had built a full bar down there). I miss this house and spending the holidays with my cousins and aunts and uncles. I wish I had pictures to share of the trees from Grandma’s house.


2 responses

  1. What a great memory – about the engagement ring!! Maybe you don’t have any pictures you can post on a blog, but as my niece used to say, “I have pictures in my MIND”

  2. Diana, you are absolutely right. I do have the pictures in my mind!

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