Things in Life That are Priceless

Yesterday was a busy day for me, which followed a very busy weekend. The holiday season is always so stressful for me. I have been working in the retail market since 2002, because of this I do not get the chance to sit back and really enjoy the holiday season.

Yesterday at work, we were busy and I am thankful for that. I work on commission and the more I sell, the more I make! I always need more customers.

This past weekend, my son came home from college and I am so happy to have him home. I am sure other parents can understand the fact that I want to nail all of the doors shut and keep the kids here with me. In a rare moment last night, we had all 3 of the kids home and the whole family in the same room. That in itself is a priceless gift and I am thankful for that.

As the family sat together discussing all of the kids Christmas list’s, (ok we really procrastinate in my house, it’s all good, Santa still delivers for us) I took a few minutes to check facebook, twitter and my blog stats. Imagine the surprise when I found links from Dear Myrtle (read her post here), FootnoteMaven (read her post here) and Geneabloggers (read this post here) coming into the blog. At first, I had no clue what was going on. So I clicked on the Geneabloggers link, to my surprise, Finding Our Ancestors has been nominated for Family Tree Magazines 2011 Fab 40 genealogy blogs.

Let me start by saying I was completely stunned to read this. To be honest, I thought for sure Thomas had made a mistake in his blog. I then went to Family Tree Magazines web site and could not find a full listing there. Thomas for sure made a mistake. Then, I found the link to vote and guess what, it was there! Woo hoo! I voted!

So since I do not know who was so nice to nominate Finding Our Ancestors, I want to say personally, thank you to any and all of you who did. When I started my blog, it was just to track my research. I wanted to be able to look back in 20 years and remember those moments when I made a discovery, or broke down  a brick wall. I never even thought about the friends I would make or any kind of nominations/awards from bloggers or magazines. I am amongst great company for the 2011 Family Tree Magazine’s genealogy blogs.Win or lose, I am honored to be nominated.

OK, so here is where my competitive streak starts. Please make sure to vote, and you can vote often! Click here to cast your votes now.


4 responses

  1. Congratulations on the nomination and having your family home. This post made me smile. Good luck in the FT40.

    1. Thanks Amy, congratulations to you as well!

  2. Thanks Tina, congrats to you as well!

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