All I Want for Christmas…

Christmas is just a week away and I have not taken the time to let Santa know what I want for Christmas. I hope that Genea Santa will still be able make at least one of my Christmas dreams come true.

Dear Genea Santa,

Though it has been a long year, and I have been good all year. I only have a few things that I would like for Christmas this year. Most of these I would normally be able to get for myself, but I am not making enough money to get the things I would like this year.

What I would like the most is:

  • A renewed subscription to
  • Renewed membership to the NEGS
  • Renewed membership to NGS
  • V/MC Gift cards to be used NIGS classes
  • A trip to any genealogy conference or jamboree

Most of all, I would like my brother to submit to a DNA test to aid in my research.




2 responses

  1. Hi there Terri!
    I’m forwarding this to MY brother! A DNA test would make things just so much easier..?!! I trust you will receive from Santa at least ONE of your requests?? Happy Christmas!

    Maureen O’Connell

  2. Maureen,

    Thanks for reading. I am hoping to get a few things off my list. Most important this year is that DNA test. I am also sending an email to all O’Connell’s that I know directly descend through the same line to see if anyone else might be willing to spare a bit of spit this Christmas.

    Happy Christmas to you and your family as well!


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