My Top 10 Post of All Time

As I put together my top 10 post for 2010, I thought I would see what the top 10 posts of all time were. Even though there is not a big difference in the two lists, I wanted to list them here and figure out why they are the top posts for me.

1. Top 10 Things I Learned in Breaking Down my Brick Wall – This post was highlighted in Randy Seaver’s “Best of,”on his Genea-Musings blog and was also highlighted in the Springfield Genealogy Examiner by Dr. Bill Smith. Thanks

2. Genealogy Technology, weekly prompt #14 – Everyone is always looking for someone elses input on technology, not to mention this is in the Geneabloggers blog roll.

3. Top 10 Genealogy Websites – Again technology is important to what we all do, I know I always go and read about it whenever I notice someone has written about different websites or products.

4. The Mayflower II, Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower Society – As a researcher we are all looking to get back to the beginning and ask the age old question, “when did my family arrive.” I am sure the Mayflower is googled often and that is probably why this has hit the top of the list.

5. December 3, 2009 Christmas Tree Ornaments – Almost everyone loves christmas!

5. How my Brickwall Came Tumbling Down – This post was highlighted in the Springfield Genealogy Examiner by Dr. Bill Smith

6. GenealogyWise, or not? Again I believe this was in a Geneabloggers blog roll, at this time there was major discussions going on about the website.

7. Lachney Women – A picture of my maternal grandma and her siblings with their mom, not sure why it hit this list. But, I treasure the photo.

7. Newberry Library, Chicago’s Family History Center – This was the first article I had in Genea-Musings “Best of” by Randy Seaver. I know that I have sent the link out to those who do not live close and are planning a trip so the know what to expect on their first visit.

8. Matthew Broderik and Episode 4 of WDYTYA – What can I say, we all loved WDYTYA and this episode had history and a mystery that was solved.

9. My Last Grandma – The genealogy community is great for coming together and lending support to those who need it. I appreciate the outpouring of support that had been sent to my family in our time of need.

10. Order of the Eastern Star – This post is about a reply to my letter to the OES on my great-great grandma Richmond.


As you can see, there are actually 12 posts listed here, # 5 and 7 were actually tied with two posts each. Does anyone have a thought on what made these posts the top in my blogging career, feel free to post a reply if you do.


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