Packing for Jamboree

Last night, I started writing my list for what I am bringing to Jamboree. Of course, the list started with my electronics and from there went to clothes and necessities.

Here is my list so far:

  • Camera (should I bring the point and click or the digital SLR) and charger
  • Iphone and charger
  • Computer and charger (need to keep this blog updated)
  • Genealogy business cards
  • Notebooks (one for blog ideas and one for any notes, just in case)
  • Pens (need to be able to write in notebook)
  • Sunglasses (for the cemetery tour)
  • Listing of classes offered (I’ve marked the ones I am interested in)
  • clothes and personal necessities

The question then comes to, should I bring my video camera? Both of my regular camera’s will take small amounts of video, but will I want to take more? I have no clue since I have never attended before. My goal is to pack into a small carry-on suitcase, please help me decide what I do not need to bring!


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