Midwest Geneablogger Get Together

We talked about it, we tweeted about it and it is finally planned.

The midwest area geneabloggers will be having a get together on 24 Mar 2012 and we hope you will be available to join us. For this get together, we will be meeting in Fort Wayne, IN. You can spend the day researching in the ACPL and the evening having fun with all your genea buddies!

The evenings festivities will be hosted in the home of Tina Lyons of Gen Wish List and her husband, the plan is a pizza party and I believe we agreed to a price of $5 per person to share the cost. If you would like to bring something to add to the party (dessert or drinks), that would be greatly appreciated as well.

If you are looking to stay the night or even the weekend, I have secured some rooms at Hampton Inn – Dupont Road, from 23 Mar – 25 Mar. Right now, the rooms secured are all 2 queen size beds, that will sleep up to 4 adults. Pricing is $87.12, tax not included, per night. For two nights, including tax, it would be $198.63. If you share the room with 3 other adults, the room would be $49.66 each. Not bad! With the room, there is free wifi (woo hoo, we can blog, tweet and check facebook) and free breakfast.

If you are not interested in both nights, that is ok. To book a room, call me at 773-589-0198 or you can also email me at toconnell@cruiseplanners.com. A credit card is needed to hold the room.

To get the room at this great rate, we must have you booked by 29 Feb, otherwise we lose the price. Also, when calling to book, it would be helpful to know if you have a group that will be staying with you and who will be a part of that group.

I hope that you will be able to join us, it’s never a dull moment when you get a bunch of genealogists together.

A special thanks to Tina for opening her home to this group, we greatly appreciate it.

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment on this post, email me at above email address or you can email Tina at genwishlist@gmail.com.


26 responses

  1. So let it be written, so let it be done! It is now on my Appearances page: http://hidefgen.com/appearances/! Can’t wait!

    1. Awesome! I cannot wait.

  2. I’ll be there also. Looking forward to it!

    1. Wonderful, can’t wait to meet you, Lisa.

  3. Add another Lisa to the list! I’ll be there as well!

    1. Great news, Lisa!

  4. Hi – First thing I’m going to do tomorrow is check my work schedule. I should be able to rearrange things to make this my Friday off if it’s not already. Also, I can bring cookies for the pizza party. And let me be clear, these are the best cookies in the world – my dad makes them! I can bring several kinds – ALL of his cookies are the best in the world. I’ll let you know soon. I’m sure it will be a blast!

    1. Diana,
      Looking forward to seeing you again. We are going to have great time in Ft. Wayne. Also, can’t wait to taste Dad’s cookies 🙂

  5. […] Plus, if you have not heard, we started planning a Midwest Geneabloggers get-together, you can read about that here. […]

    1. Woo hoo! Let the party begin, we are going to have a great time in IN!

  6. Oh! Wish I could attend. I just recently moved from the mid-west to the Pacific Northwest; just a little too far to travel. Have a great time!

    1. Joleen, ohhh maybe one day we will have one out that way to get everyone in that area together.

  7. I’ll still be “out west” in March so will not be able to attend, though I wish that I could!! It’s so cool of you and Tina to plan and host this meetup. Perhaps next time…

    1. You will be missed Becky, there is a lot of talk about a fall get together as well. Join the FB page for Midwest Geneabloggers, at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Midwest-Geneabloggers/334596876561305 to keep track of what we have going on.

  8. *Heavy, heavy sigh* I now am absolutely green with Ft. Wayne envy over this event. What a fantastic idea. Have a great time and please remember – Ft. Wayne is a No Parrot Zone!


    1. Sheri,

      I totally agree that Ft Wayne is a No Parrot Zone, the only Parrot Zones are where you are! You presence would be welcomed, sorry you are so far away. Would love to have you with us. Plan a get together in your area!

  9. […] Geneabloggers Meetup I’m so excited to say that I will be present for the first annual Midwest Geneabloggers Get Together in Fort Wayne, Indiana next month. I spent many hours drooling over the resources that are […]

  10. I’m going to come too! Had to squeeze it on the calendar, but looking forward to finally making it to Ft. Wayne!

    1. Jen,

      So glad you will be able to join us! We will all have a great time and get to meet new friends!

  11. Well that’s too far east for me. I must be the western edge of “Midwest”. Maybe another time, will be out that way this summer some time. Have to take my baby girl to meet the relatives; some of them just don’t come west much (or at all).

    1. You will be missed Beth! Hopefully, next time will work out!

  12. […] I can’t believe that the Midwest Geneabloggers Meetup in Fort Wayne is only a month away! I have my plan of attack formulated. Well, it’s my plan […]

  13. […] Midwest Geneabloggers Meetup: Fort Wayne, IN No, this isn’t a conference, but it is important! It will not only be a chance for me to visit with my friends but it will also be a time of personal research for me. Wait…. that doesn’t sound familiar? You know, research! It’s that thing that we got into the business for but never seem to have time to complete. For ourselves. Ever. 🙂 I’m going with only personal research in hand, and I am looking forward to it! This conference will be one part girls’ weekend, one part networking, and one part research therapy! […]

  14. […] house. Terri O’Connell and I have been working together to put together this event. She has a teaser up on her blog and I’ll have all the details for you here later this […]

  15. […] on the north side of Fort Wayne near my house, but not the library. So keep that in mind. See her blog post and contact her for the details. For those that want additional time at the library, ACPL is open on Friday from […]

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