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Tombstone Tuesday – Surprised at the Cemetery

Last summer, while my aunt, cousin and I were on out trip through the East Coast, I had a great find at the cemetery where I knew my great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather were buried. About two years ago, I found Dennis and John O’Connell both listed in an index for St. Paul’s / St. Mary’s Cemetery in Hudson Falls. The day after I found the index, I called and spoke with Dorothy at the church and was able to verify that this was indeed my family. It had only taken me about 8 years to find this link. I was ecstatic and knew I would have to make the trip to the cemetery at some point. Well, last summer that all came to life for me. We spent the morning in another town and by late afternoon we had finally found our way to the St. Mary’s /St. Paul’s Cemetery. I thought that I had drawn a picture of the cemetery from the index, but no such luck. Instead we spent a good hour looking for the gravesites. I was angry at myself because I knew better than to go into a cemetery not knowing where to be looking. Though this was a smaller cemetery to what I am used to visiting back home, there was still many stones to be read. We split up and continued the search.

At one point, I found the name Daha and took a few pictures because I knew this line married into ours. I just did not have specifics on the family. Just a brief note I found in an obituary for Dennis O’Connell. After taking 1-2 pictures, I was aggrivated and decided to stop taking pictures to look for the O’Connell family once again. When I did that, my cousin Tracy urged me to continue taking photo’s of the Daha stones, there were many of them. While I  reluctantly continued, Tracy and our aunt were moving towards an older section of the cemetery that was further away from all the other stones. I actually tripped over a stone when I was done with the Daha pictures, I looked down and you guessed it, I actually stumbled onto my family plot! I was so excited, the O’Connell family was all buried together. John Sr., his wife Maria, John Jr, his wife Beatrice and Dennis. These were all of the family members that I knew were there. The stone I stumbled on was for Elizabeth O’Connell Daha the gravesite next to her was for Mary O’Connell Herring.  Both of these ladies are sisters to Dennis and daughters to John Sr! I was thrilled at the discovery because I did not see either name in the index and when I called the church, this information was not given to me either.

Elizabeth O’Connell



Mary O’Connell




Tombstone Tuesday – Beatrice O’Connell

Beatrice D O’Connell


1894 – 1976

St. Paul’s / St. Mary’s Cemetery Hudson Falls, NY

Beatrice is wife of John O’Connell Jr., this is not a line that I have spent any time researching as of yet. I do plan to research their family in the future.

Photo © Terri O’Connell 2011.


Tombstone Tuesday – Frank McAvoy

Frank L. McAvoy July 26, 1885-May 12, 1955

Frank is the second husband of my Great-Grandmother Rose (Springer) O’Connell – McAvoy. Rose and Frank met in the Hudson Falls, NY area. I am not sure of when they married, in 1930 they are living as husband and wife in Chicago, IL. I am still looking for any information regarding their marriage.

Wednesday’s Child – Ethel Pratt

Ethel Pratt 1925-1929, rests peacefully beside her parents.

Tombstone Tuesday, The Mysterious Marie O’Connell

Marie O’Connell  1859 – 1950

Marie is buried in St. Paul’s Cemetery in Hudson Falls, NY. She rests on the right side of John O’Connell (my great-great grandfather). The mystery is who is she and how is she related. All of the O’Connell’s are buried in the same area of the cemetery and I have been told this was a French cemetery, a bit odd to find all of my Irish ancestors here. At the New England Historic Genealogy Society, I found an index for the church records of St. Paul’s Church. In the index, there is a marriage of John O’Connell and Marie Goyette. Only information given was the witnesses. None of the names looked familiar, so at this point I have not researched them yet.

Here are my questions:

  1. Is this Marie, Marie Goyette?
  2. Was John O’Connell her husband?

I have called the St. Mary’s Church, (St. Paul’s became part of St. Mary’s after their church fire, St. Mary’s houses all of the remaining records) and they have no other information on this marriage.

I have been searching for any newspaper article announcing the marriage and have found nothing so far. Obviously, more work to be done on my mysterious Marie!

Tombstone Tuesday – John O’Connell

John O’Connell is my great-great-grandfather, finding his place happened to be a lucky find for me when I was at Newberry Library about 1 year ago. I was searching through a folio of cemetery transcriptions for Washington County, NY, I was looking for my great-grandfather Dennis O’Connell, because I knew from his obituary in the St. Catherine’s Standard that he had been sent home to Hudson Falls for burial. When I found Dennis in the book, he was listed with 5 other O’Connell’s buried in St. Paul’s Cemetery in Hudson Falls, NY. I called the church the next day and confirmed that Dennis and John were both related to me (I did this through the wives they both had listed in their cemetery books). It took me about a year, but I finally made it to the cemetery and the surrounding area.

John O’Connell 1858 – 1931

John O’Connell b.1858 m.(date unknown) Bridget Curran b. 1862 d. 1895

they had 7 children:

Harriet (Hattie) O’Connell b.1880 m. Fred Langdon/Langevin

Elizabeth O’Connell b. 1881 m. Frederick Daha

Dennis O’Connell b. 1883 m. Rose Springer

John O’Connell b. 1885 m. Beatrice (unknown last name)

Daniel O’Connell b. 1886 (not 100% on his line yet)

Catherine O’Connell b. 12 Dec 1887 m. William Pratt

Mary O’Connell b. 1893 m. WC Herring

Tombstone Tuesday, Dennis O’Connell

I have many posts that are dedicated to my Great-grandfather, Dennis O’Connell, and I am sure there are many more to come. You can read previous posts about Dennis and his personal documents that I have by clicking here. This post is many years in the making, I took me 10 years to find where he is buried and finally be able to visit. Last month, I made the journey to his home of Hudson Falls, NY with his granddaughter Terri (my aunt) and my cousin Tracy. The excitement I had at be able to find his final resting place is beyond words. My cousin made jokes about how I could go from being sleepy and cranky to over excited when we would drive into a cemetery and find what we were looking for.

When it came to looking for Dennis, I only knew the name of the cemetery is St. Paul’s in Hudson Falls, NY. I thought when I found his name indexed in a book that I drew a picture of the map and marked the section he was in. Nope, with the excitement of that find all I did was right down the section and plot number and I had no clue what to do once we got to the cemetery. St. Paul’s Cemetery is not large by any standard, but we probably spent the most time searching through this one, my guess is probably at least 1/2 hour.

Entrance to St. Paul’s Cemetery

We had not found any of the O’Connell family, so we decided to go to the very back of the cemetery where there was a handful of graves that we could see. My aunt and cousin had been way ahead of me. We had found so many headstones with the last name of Daha and I had decided to photograph all of them. I knew that one of my great-great aunts had married a Daha and I did not have any family information on them. I figured take the pictures today and figure the family out another time. I am so glad that I did this, if I had not, I probably would have missed the O’Connell graves. I found everyone that I knew would be there, and a few more. I will save those surprises for another day.

Dennis O’Connell 1883 – 1950

Memorial Day 2010

For Memorial Weekend, I thought I would post some pictures from my October trip. In October, I went on a college road trip with my son. Mostly we spent time looking at colleges, many of them. He was kind enough to give me a little spare time to visit some of the sites. The one ting he wanted to see was Mount Vernon, which we did. The one thing I wanted to see was Arlington National Cemetery, we saw this also.

No matter how you look at the stones, they are in a line.

President Kennedy and Jackie.

Tomb of the Unknown SoldiersPurple Heart Award on display with other awards.

All photo’s ©Terri O’Connell 2010.

Tombstone Tuesday – Edith and William Richmond

Photo: Headstone of Edith Richmond (1902-2004) and William H Richmond (1899-1986),  Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Digital image. Privately held by Terri O’Connell, Illinois. ©2010.


William Hunter Richmond was the first child of John E Richmond and Nettie A Warden, he was born 14 Aug 1899 in Stanford, Raleigh, WV. He was 1 of 9 children. 

Edith Richmond was born Edith Merrill Walker was the child of James E Walker and Melvina Rollins. At this point I have no further information on the Walker family. 

William and Edith married 30 Mar 1922 in Raleigh County, WV. They had 5 children together. William H Jr, Reba, Maxine, Jean and James. In the 1950’s William and Edith relocated from WV to IL and stayed there until the death of William Sr in 1986. Edith moved to VA with her daughter in the 1990’s and returned to Chicago upon her death. Both rest peacefully at Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago, IL.

Tombstone Tuesday – John and Nettie Richmond


© Copyright 2009 Terri O’Connell

My son and I recently took a trip East to look at colleges. On our way home we stopped in Beckley, WV to visit a few cemeteries and to show him where his Grandma was born. We only had a short period of time to visit, but we made the most of it. I believe we saw about 4 cemeteries that day. My son got to stand at the grave of his 6th, 4th and 3rd Great Grandparents. It is all in a days work. I am grateful to Bob, who is  a distant relative on my Warden side, for taking the time to show us  the many different cemeteries. 

John and Nettie Warden are my Great Great Grandparents. They are one of the main reasons I made sure we stopped in Beckley on our way home from this road trip. I have recently found out that John Richmond was a 3rd degree Mason and Nettie was in the Order of the Eastern Star. I wanted to see of their tombstone had any symbols on it. Unfortunately, there were none. 

Though there were no symbols on the stone, the trip was well worth while. I met a few relatives and enjoyed my breif stay. I have learned that the Warden side of the family has a yearly family reunion, down the road from John and Nettie’s house. I hope to be able to attend one soon.


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