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Tombstone Tuesday – S Martha Warden

100_3995©2009 Terri O’Connell

S. Martha Warden is the wife of Thomas. Thomas Warden’s headstone was featured in my last Tombstone Tuesday post. Both are buried at the Warden Family Cemetery in Raleigh County, WV.

Many of their descendants still live in Raleigh County today. 


To pay, or not to pay

Over the past few days I have been looking through Ancestry. com’s service of Expert Connect. Where someone can hire an “expert” to help them with their research. I am all for them having professionals who are looking to find clients to assist. I mean it is only to make it easier for those of us researching our families. I myself would be inclined to ask for a bit of help here and there. But, what has me questioning this service is some of the pricing they are asking for. For instance,  to have someone take a photo of a gravestone could cost you anywhere from $5 to $709. (The $709 will allow this group of experts to travel 999 miles to take this picture.)

 I would pay $5 for a photo, that does not seem unreasonable. Plus, to be able to get the picture quick. This is a definite positive. But $709, why would a person want to pay that amount of money for a photo? I mean, we want the photo’s.  I am sure most people are either willing to wait for some kind person to be able to take this photo, with the services of Find a Grave , Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness, do not forget the message boards on Ancestry or even the groups on GenealogyWise. There are many places one can find assistance with a photo they are looking for. 

I mean for $709 I can drive to the cemetery I need the photo from and take it myself. I mean, same amount of money and I get to see the places my ancestor lived. That would mean more to me, then just having the photograph of a headstone for me.

What does an “expert” mean? According to the FAQ’s on the Expert Connect site, it is a researcher or a professional. A researcher is someone that can go pick up a record or take a photo for you. Professionals must have advanced qualifications, like certifications, education and membership in professional associations.

It comes down to this, anyone of us could be the expert. I know I would not pay an expert $999 for any photo.

So, after some thought. I have decided that I will be this expert and see what happens. If any one needs pictures in the Chicago area, look me up on Ancestry. We will see how this goes. I do not expect to see much here. The jobs that are out there for Chicago at the moment are for research, which I am not a professional, which means I cannot assist.

I wrote this post about a month ago and held off publishing it because I wanted to see if I could find any photography jobs I could assist with. At this point, there have been none. I have even looked in other states and nothing at this point. I will update the post if at any point I find a job for taking photo’s.

Wordless Wednesday – Hurt Cemetery


Tombstone Tuesday – Thomas Warden


Copyright © 2009 Terri O’Connell


Thomas Warden is the earliest ancestor on my Warden line. The Warden family ties into my Richmond line. Nettie Ann Warden married John Eldridge Richmond. Thomas is Nettie’s great, great, great grandfather. Which makes Thomas my GGGGG Grandfather.

I was lucky enough to get to visit the gravesite of many of my ancestors this past week and share this with my 17 year old son. Once I am done going through all the information on this line. I will post more on the Warden family!

Wordless Wednesday – Arlington National Cemetery


Tombstone Tuesday – Fred and Ella Jaeger





1893 – 1961


1898 – 1956


Fred was born 27 Dec 1893, Zwittan, Czechoslovakia. He immigrated to the United States through Canada. He entered in the US in Port Huron, MI on 20 Sep 1913. Five years later he married  Ella Martha Marie Jonas from Morton Grove, IL on 26 Nov 1918, in Chicago, IL. Ella was the first generation to be born in America, (she was 1 of 12 children). Both of her parents immigrated to the States from Germany. 

Fred and Ella raised their family in Chicago, IL. They had four girls together: Ruth (23 Feb 1916), Ida (1 Jan 1919), Dorothy (24 Feb 1920)  and Irene (31 Oct 1923). 

Fred and Ella are my paternal Great Grandparents. There is still more research that needs to be completed on this line. 

Tombstone Tuesday


William 1920 – 2001

Together forever

Dorothy 1920 – 2002


Breaking through the Brickwall

A few days ago I posted my brickwall ancestor, John O’Connell,  in  Most Wanted! Ancestors Lost and Found on Genealogy Wise. I had previously posted on a different group there as well and replies were few, but with some great ideas I had tried out. Unfortunately, I had not found any information through their suggestions. Thanks to the wonderful people that continue to check in on Most Wanted, not only have I been given some great advice, but GeneJ also found a State Census Record for John and his family in 1892 on Family Search. 

I have tried to upload the record here, but had no luck tonight I will try to edit tomorrow and see if I add it.

This newly found record confirms a few things for my family:

1. Bridget is the mother, though I have her burial info, I have not placed her in any census with her family.

2. Hattie is listed with the family as well. I have her burial info as well and I found that accidentally. She is buried in the same area as my Great Grandfather Dennis O’Connell. Most of the O’Connell’s buried there I could place. Once I had Hattie’s name, I was able to find her father John  in the 1910 Federal Census. He was living with her and her husband. 

3. According to every other census I looked at Hattie was born in 1880, NJ. This is also the same year as Elizabeth, I assumed one was born early in the year and the other, towards the end. According to this record, Hattie is 2 years older then Elizabeth.  Since both were born in NJ, I assume the family lived in New Jersey for a few years before moving to the area of Granville, NY.


Today’s lesson learned, go back and recheck websites that you previously have looked at. I go through Family Search about every six months to see if I can find anything. Usually I come out empty handed. 

For more information on my search, please follow our comments Most Wanted – John O’Connell.

Wordless Wednesday – Memory Gardens and Monuments


Tombstone Tuesday – O’Connell Grandparents



Lawrence A.


Ida M



Ida and Larry are buried at Memory Gardens and Monuments in Arlington Heights, IL. Learn more about Ida and Larry from previous posts.


Unfortunately, while I was in the cemetery to take these photographs, the weather was changing quickly. I was limited with what I can do while I was there. I will need to go back to the cemetery to clean up the family plots and take some more pictures of the older part of the cemetery. 

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