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Wednesday’s Child – Ethel Pratt

Ethel Pratt 1925-1929, rests peacefully beside her parents.


Wordless Wednesday – Niagara Falls

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, Brick Wall Ancestor (post 2 of 2)

After spending yesterday with my family celebrating a birthday and my sons going off to college, I came home and went through all of my information I have on John O’Connell and his family. I also went through my brickwall problem that I laid out on GenealogyWise in September 2009, I reread all of the replies, searched for some of the tips I had received from others and even added a new reply. I also blogged about this previously, you can read more here at, My Brickwall Ancestor, John O’Connell. Though most information is posted in both of these links, I will still give you all the information I have gathered thus far, with all of the sources as well.

In 1892, John O’Connell and wife Bridget are living in Granville, Washington Co., NY. John is a Quarrysman and was listed as a citizen. Living with John and Bridget are their  6 children, Hattie, Lizzie, Dennis, John, Daniel and Kate.

In 1900, John is raising his 6 children (Elizabeth, Dennis, John W, Daniel, Kate and Mary) alone, in a rented house, in Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY. By this time, he is a widower and has not remarried. Here we learned that John was born in Nov 1857. John is now working at the Grinders Pulp Mill. Sons Dennis and John are also working as laborers. With all information John has given for this census, he also states he was born in NY, as were his parents.

In 1905, we find John living in Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY on River Street. John is still listed as a widow and is raising his children alone. Here he has 4 children with him and 1 grandchild; Daniel, Mary, Lizzie Cossy and her daughter Irene (?).

By 1910, John has moved his family to Mark (?) Street in Hudson Falls, Washington Co., NY were they still rent their home. Most of the children are gone, daughter Hattie has returned to live with her father, with her she brings her husband Fred Langdon. There is also a son, Dan living there. The record shows that Dan is a Langdon, and son of Hattie and Fred. But if you look at the ages of Hattie and Fred, Hattie would have been 8 at his birth. This fits more with her brother Dan, who was 5 when she was 12 in the 1892 NY State Census. John is now telling us the he and his parents were all born in Ireland. My how 10 years changes things.

For the longest time, this is where my census information stopped on John and his family. I had speculated that he remarried a woman named Marie who is buried in the same area of the cemetery John is in, but I had no real proof to support this theory.

On my recent trip east, I stopped at the New England Historic Genealogical Society, to look up whatever information they might have on my O’Connell line. In my research here, I found a marriage index for a John O’Connell. It states that on 9 Apr 1915, John O’Connell and Marie Goyette married at St Paul’s Catholic Church, in Hudson Falls, NY. Witnesses to this event were Rev. L. Guerin and Marie Louise Groulx. No other identifying information is listed and the church has no other records.

I also found a death index for St Paul’s Catholic Church, here I found a listing for Mary Herring (I knew she was a child of John and Bridget from Dennis’ obituary). In this death index, it states the residence of Mary Herring was “Chesapeake, MD; Edw. B. Cheney, son.”

So, I took the information and did some more research last night, because until now, John has escaped me in the 1920 and 1930 census records. When I went through my GenealogyWise discussion, GeneJ, advised that I should seek information from the 1920 census in Nassau, Rensselear, NY. Listed there is a John and Marie O’Connell, plus with them is daughter Mary Cheney and her son Bruce. Well none of this fit, until now. I have added this information to my tree on ancestry and I am happy to finally have found John in the 1920 census. Now, I just need to find him in 1930 and I will be happy.

The 1920 census also shows that John had become a farmer in his latter years and he finally owned his home. This record also states he had become a “naturalized” citizen, but no year was given.

John died 25 Sep 1931 and rests at St Paul’s Catholic Cemetery in Hudson Falls, NY.

Information I am looking to gather on John:

  • Who are John O’Connell’s parents?
  • When did he arrive in the USA?
  • Where in Ireland is he from?
  • Where did John and Bridget marry?
  • Where did John die?
  • Besides the index of the marriage record for John and Marie, will I be able to find the actual?

Places and items I still need to do some research on:

  • land Records, now that I know John owned some land, it is time to start looking at these records
  • city directories to fill in none census years
  • vital records, see what I can find for each member of his family
  • probate records
  • hopefully ship records (if I ever get enough information to find it)


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Wordless Wednesday, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church

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Tombstone Tuesday, The Mysterious Marie O’Connell

Marie O’Connell  1859 – 1950

Marie is buried in St. Paul’s Cemetery in Hudson Falls, NY. She rests on the right side of John O’Connell (my great-great grandfather). The mystery is who is she and how is she related. All of the O’Connell’s are buried in the same area of the cemetery and I have been told this was a French cemetery, a bit odd to find all of my Irish ancestors here. At the New England Historic Genealogy Society, I found an index for the church records of St. Paul’s Church. In the index, there is a marriage of John O’Connell and Marie Goyette. Only information given was the witnesses. None of the names looked familiar, so at this point I have not researched them yet.

Here are my questions:

  1. Is this Marie, Marie Goyette?
  2. Was John O’Connell her husband?

I have called the St. Mary’s Church, (St. Paul’s became part of St. Mary’s after their church fire, St. Mary’s houses all of the remaining records) and they have no other information on this marriage.

I have been searching for any newspaper article announcing the marriage and have found nothing so far. Obviously, more work to be done on my mysterious Marie!

Wordless Wednesday, Ontario Paper Company

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Tombstone Tuesday – John O’Connell

John O’Connell is my great-great-grandfather, finding his place happened to be a lucky find for me when I was at Newberry Library about 1 year ago. I was searching through a folio of cemetery transcriptions for Washington County, NY, I was looking for my great-grandfather Dennis O’Connell, because I knew from his obituary in the St. Catherine’s Standard that he had been sent home to Hudson Falls for burial. When I found Dennis in the book, he was listed with 5 other O’Connell’s buried in St. Paul’s Cemetery in Hudson Falls, NY. I called the church the next day and confirmed that Dennis and John were both related to me (I did this through the wives they both had listed in their cemetery books). It took me about a year, but I finally made it to the cemetery and the surrounding area.

John O’Connell 1858 – 1931

John O’Connell b.1858 m.(date unknown) Bridget Curran b. 1862 d. 1895

they had 7 children:

Harriet (Hattie) O’Connell b.1880 m. Fred Langdon/Langevin

Elizabeth O’Connell b. 1881 m. Frederick Daha

Dennis O’Connell b. 1883 m. Rose Springer

John O’Connell b. 1885 m. Beatrice (unknown last name)

Daniel O’Connell b. 1886 (not 100% on his line yet)

Catherine O’Connell b. 12 Dec 1887 m. William Pratt

Mary O’Connell b. 1893 m. WC Herring

Wordless Wednesdy, Hudson Falls Paper Co

Not sure how long it has been closed, but you can still see the writing on the building.

Tombstone Tuesday, Dennis O’Connell

I have many posts that are dedicated to my Great-grandfather, Dennis O’Connell, and I am sure there are many more to come. You can read previous posts about Dennis and his personal documents that I have by clicking here. This post is many years in the making, I took me 10 years to find where he is buried and finally be able to visit. Last month, I made the journey to his home of Hudson Falls, NY with his granddaughter Terri (my aunt) and my cousin Tracy. The excitement I had at be able to find his final resting place is beyond words. My cousin made jokes about how I could go from being sleepy and cranky to over excited when we would drive into a cemetery and find what we were looking for.

When it came to looking for Dennis, I only knew the name of the cemetery is St. Paul’s in Hudson Falls, NY. I thought when I found his name indexed in a book that I drew a picture of the map and marked the section he was in. Nope, with the excitement of that find all I did was right down the section and plot number and I had no clue what to do once we got to the cemetery. St. Paul’s Cemetery is not large by any standard, but we probably spent the most time searching through this one, my guess is probably at least 1/2 hour.

Entrance to St. Paul’s Cemetery

We had not found any of the O’Connell family, so we decided to go to the very back of the cemetery where there was a handful of graves that we could see. My aunt and cousin had been way ahead of me. We had found so many headstones with the last name of Daha and I had decided to photograph all of them. I knew that one of my great-great aunts had married a Daha and I did not have any family information on them. I figured take the pictures today and figure the family out another time. I am so glad that I did this, if I had not, I probably would have missed the O’Connell graves. I found everyone that I knew would be there, and a few more. I will save those surprises for another day.

Dennis O’Connell 1883 – 1950

The Mayflower II, Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower Society

While on a road trip through the East Coast with my Aunt Terri and cousin Tracy, we spent a day visiting the Plymouth area. I truly loved walking the coast line and  looking at the historical markers and monuments. I spent a lot of time taking pictures of the Mayflower II. I am glad that they made a replica of the original for the tourists. Ok, who am I kidding, of course they would replicate it, how else will they get all of the tourist money. We did not pay to board the ship, I was happy just to look from the shore line and of course snap many pictures.

Here are a few shots that I took of the Mayflower II

While we were by the shore, we also visited Plymouth Rock. They built a grand monument to cover and protect it.

After visiting the Mayflower II and Plymouth Rock I decided to visit the Mayflower Society to see if they could help me with my Richmond line. Many people believe that my line connects into the line of Thomas Rogers, through his grand-daughter Abigail Rogers who married John Richmond. The weather was extremely hot and I do not handle it well. By the time I walked up the hill to the society and then walked to the back of the house, where the library is, I thought it would be the end of me.

I checked in with the woman at the desk and told her what I was looking for, she advised that I would have to wait for another lady who had just stepped out. I was ok with this. I needed to cool off, and the library was a perfect spot to do just that. When the lady came back from the post office, she had me sign in and take care of the monetary business, $5 to use the library. Then we talked about my Richmond line, and the questions I have. This woman knew her books and where to locate them. She sent me off to the ladies room, so I could throw cold water on my face (you know you are not doing well when others point it out). When I returned, she had a few books waiting for me. I spent a good half hour going through them, but I knew I did not have much time (my aunt and cousin where patiently waiting for me).  I  could not find what I was looking for and the librarian offered to do some checking for me. All I had to do was fill out a sheet of paper with the descendants of Thomas Rogers (my specific line) and note where my questions came in.

The garden was beautiful!

I used’s application for the Iphone to fill this sheet out and I must say, that I found it very difficult to maneuver through it. I have not even checked to see if I gave the correct information, which I plan to do in the near future. The librarian replied the same day that she had no documentation on the family member at this point. Once I go through my information again, I will reply to her email.

The Mayflower Society Library


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