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Was Your Family Counted Twice

Over the weekend, I was searching page by page, ED by ED through the 1940 Census. Specifically, Raleigh County, WV. That is where my maternal family is from and I still need to find my grandparents. Since, I was not having any luck locating either grandparent with their families. I decided I should look for my grandfather’s grandparents, or my great-great grandparents. My logic was that my grandfathers family should be someplace close by. My great-great grandfather had a large parcel of land tha the split amongst his children. So I knew that there would be many Richmond families in the same vicinity.

What I found, made me question what I knew about the family and it made me call me mother to see what she knew as well. According to what I found, my Richmond family, John and Nettie lived with all their children, even the married ones. Yet, there is no mention of spouses of grandchildren. At first glance, I only notice my great-grandfather was there without his family. So, I placed a call to my mom and asked her if she ever heard her father talk about living someplace without his father. Mom was pretty sure he had never told her that. While she was telling me this. I started really looking at this record and saw many of the Hunter’s (my great-grandfather) siblings were marked as married and living at home. Very odd.

Roy Richmond Family and John E Richmond Family, 1940 US Federal Census, Town, Raleigh Co, West Virginia.

John Richmond Family (balance), 1940 US Federal Census, Town, Raleigh Co, West Virginia.

I understand that times were hard, so it is not inconceivable that some children might have had to move home in order to be able to afford to live. Heck, how many young adults have done that in our economic conditions.

But, what really made me start looking at what this record was telling me, is when I noticed that Roy was living there as well. I went to my database to verify who his spouse was, (this is a large family and I had never really spent a lot of time researching or even face to face with relatives on this line). Roy’s wife was Lily (last name currently unknown). Interesting, just above John E and Nettie Richmond are Roy and Lily Richmond and they are the same age. With this coincidence, I decided I needed to check one more family. Hunter and Roy had a sister, Mae, she married French Meadows and I know that I had already downloaded their page of the 1940 Census. I pulled it up and then went back to the page with John and Nettie to see if Mae was listed in their home as well. Guess what, she was. It seems that Nettie, supplied the enumerator with information on all her children.

French Meadows Family, 1940 US Federal Census, Town, Raleigh Co., West Virginia.

With this information, I know that I still need to search for Hunter Richmond with his wife Edith and their family. It also gives me a list of children for John and Nettie, now I can double-check and see if I am missing anyone from my research.


2012 Genealogy Goals

While reading over how many of my genealogy friends did completing their goals for 2011, I decided that in 2012 I was going to do things a bit differently. Last year, Amy Coffin of We Tree and Denise Levenick of The Family Curator got together over lunch and decided that they would set a few goals and be there for moral support throughout the year.

After I really thought about it, I decided this might actually work for me. I reached out to Stephanie of Corn and Cotton: My Family’s Story to see if she would like to do this together. We already are supporting each other throughout the month with our monthly goals, why not help throughout the year. Steph replied that she would also like to do this.

I wrote out my goals last night and sent them off to Steph to see what she thought. My goals are big and I was afraid I am biting off more than I can chew. Steph was nice enough to remind that it is what we are supposed to be doing.

So, without further ado, here are my goals for 2012.

Research – I really want to prove / disprove the Mayflower connection in my Richmond line. My only concern with this in funding the project.

Writing – Since I do not consider myself a great writer, this goal will be the hardest for me. I have been told many times by my aunt (who reads my blog faithfully) that I need to write a book on my O’Connell research. There have been a few family members who have researched this family and it remains difficult. At this point, my research has surpassed those before me, I do not feel like I have enough research on this line. There are still a few branches of the family I would like to work on.

Since the O’Connell line is out of the question for writing a book about, I have decided that this goal will go along with my goal for research. The proving / disproving the Mayflower connection is a large task and one that will need to be well documented as I research it. If I fail at researching, I fail at the writing. That is scary, to set for goals and know that if I miss in research, I miss in writing as well. If I succeed, it will be a huge thing for those that are researching this line and only have a theory at this point. I have gotten a few emails wanting to know if I have the proof (all from other family members).

Organizational – This past year when we opened out own business, the basement was turned into my office, sort of. It has never been completed for business, let alone my genealogy work. This year, I want to organize my office for genealogy as well. I need to move all my books, magazines, bins and other genealogy “stuff” into the basement and then start to get it all organized. I hope to be able to utilize Motivation Monday (on the first Monday of each month) to keep me moving in this long process.

Educational – I have signed up for ProGen and hope to start in 2012. I will be doing this with my genealogy buddy, Stephanie and our friend Laura of The Last Leaf on This Branch. Hopefully, the three of us will be able to complete this successfully with all that we have going on in our lives. Unfortunately, I will be taking a break from the classes at the National Institute of Genealogical Studies. Also in the plans is to go back to school to take my general education classes. Now that my kids are old enough to take care of themselves, it’s time for me to start working towards a degree.

Are you interested in Steph’s goals? You should be, she has many great goals she is working towards. Read about her goals here.

Tombstone Tuesday – Robert Warden

Robert Warden

Nov 1820

Mar 1893

Gone But Not Forgotten

Robert Warden is my Third Great Grandfather. He was married to Nancy Warden, a cousin. Nancy died in 1886. Robert and Nancy had 7 children. I descend through their son David J’s daughter Nettie Ann. Nettie married William Hunter Richmond Sr.

Robert is buried in the Robert Warden family cemetery west of Stanaford Rd. in Beckley, WV area. The cemetery was on the side of a mountain and thick with brush. It was hard to walk through the cemetery and find anyone specifically. Thankfully, I had a distant cousin, Bob, give me a guided tour. He also descends through the Warden line. Bob knew exactly where each stone was and found each one for me. This trip was in Oct 2009.

Continue to Dream Big

With the starting of my business, founds for genealogy have been very limited. There are so many things that I would love to do, I just do not have the ability to do what I want, when I want to. As I was thinking about all the things I wanted to do with my genealogy research today, I wondered how many other people are in the same situation. Money is too tight to do what you want, what would you do with your research if the funds were unlimited. The sky is the limit, it is you own personal Who Do You Think You Are? show.

For me, there are a few things I would like to complete.  Here is my list:

  1. Verify my Richmond line, according to a distant cousin our line goes into the line of Thomas Rogers from the Mayflower. As I looked through the trees that show this, I saw some flaws and would like to be able to verify it for sure.
  2. Continue my documentation for the DAR. I started this about two years ago and I need extra cash to order some records. I know my Richmond line goes into the Revolutionary War because I had someone from the SAR document the line for my son. Not that we ever sent the paperwork in, again money has been too tight for the extra’s.
  3. Go to County Cork, IRE and continue my O’Connell research. Last year, I learned that John O’Connell was born in County Cork. I would like to visit the area and see where the family came from, visit the local Catholic Church and see if they can assist in finding more records. Plus, I need to find out what happened to John’s mother, Helen Teahan. I have no records of her besides the baptismal record for John.
  4. Visit France, I love the fact that I have Canadian – French ancestry and would love to go back through France and see the areas my family came from.
  5. Finally, I would love to have a few more DNA tests taken. I would like to have an O’Connell male take the YDNA test and I would like to take the MtDNA test to follow my maternal line.

So, what would you do if money was not an issue? Remember DREAM BIG!

SNGF – List Your Matrilineal Line

Randy at Genea-Musings has put out the call for some Saturday night fun. He says:

“Hey genealogy buffs – it’s Saturday Night again — time for more Genealogy Fun!!
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1) List your matrilineal line – your mother, her mother, etc. back to the first identifiable mother. Note: this line is how your mitochondrial DNA was passed to you!

2) Tell us if you have had your mitochondrial DNA tested, and if so, which Haplogroup you are in.

3) Post your responses on your own blog post, in Comments to this blog post, or in a Status line on Facebook or in your Stream at Google Plus.

4)  If you have done this before, please do your father’s matrilineal line, or your grandfather’s matrilineal line, or your spouse’s matriliuneal line.

5)  Does this list spur you to find distant cousins that might share one of your matrilineal lines? ”

So I took a gander at my line, or lack thereof…To protect the identity of my living relatives, I am going to start this with my maternal grandmother.

a. Zedith Marie Lachney (17 Mar 1933 Raleigh Co, WV – 31 Dec 2009 Trinity, AL) married William H. Richmond Jr.

b. Mary Jane Hilton (14 Dec 1903 Perry Co, OH) – 18 July 1992 Seminole, FL) married Joseph Lachney

c. Susie Kerr (12 Feb 1876 Arlington, OH – 11 Sep 1943 Beckley, Raleigh Co, WV) married John James Hilton, Sr.

d. Margaret Garlinger (Feb 1849 – Somerset, PA – Dec 1910 Perry Co, OH) married John Kerr

e. Mary Hashsmith (1815 PA – 1870 Bairds Furnace, Perry Co, OH) married Adam Garlinger

As far as I know, no one has had any DNA testing done. Being a female in this line, it only makes sense that I should be the one to do this. Add another thing to my long line of to do lists.

My fathers matrilineal line is as follows:

a. Margaret (Ida)  Jaeger (1 Jan 1919 Cook Co., IL – 15 Apr 1980 Chicago, Cook Co, IL) married 1) Frederick Fischer 2) Ambrose (Larry O’Connell)

b. Ella Martha Marie Jonas (12 Apr 1898, Cook Co, IL – 11 Oct 1956 Cook Co, IL) married Frederick Jaeger

c. Marie Lustgens (10 Mar 1862 Germany – 28 Aug 1944 Morton Grove, Cook Co, IL) married Wilhelm/William Jonas

Again, as far as I know, no one has completed any DNA testing on this line either. I do have a few aunts that I can ask to do this for me. Seems I could send them a Christmas gift and hope they will take it.

Thanks Randy for keeping all the genealogists busy, and having fun with the research we have completed.

Memories in Music (post 2)

So, a few weeks back my daughter had invited me to go with her to the Taste of Chicago to here Loretta Lynn sing. It was country day (not really our music of choice, but there are a few artists that I do love) and I could not wait to go. Like everything else in our life, we were running late and I thought we would end up missing the beginning of her concert. My daughter hold told she started at 1pm and I wanted to get there early enough to get a good seat so that I could take some photo’s. Well, turns out she mixed the time up with the date. You see the concert was on July 1 and started at 5pm.

Well, we got to walk around and taste some of the food. I had not been to the Taste for at least 10 years. It was nice to be there and enjoy the food, but I think it is all over rated and not like it used to be when I was in high school.. I agree with those that are saying it is time to stop the Taste.

Anyhow, as we walked through the streets checking out the different types of food, we came across a couple of RV’s without even looking up, I turned to my daughter and said “I bet this is Loretta’s RV,” she laughed. I looked up and this is what I saw…


Ahh, the coal miner. For those of you who are fans of Loretta, you know that this is her signature. I was so excited. There were two RV’s this one, and one in front of it (with no distinct markings). Between the two RV’s there were some chairs set up with a few men sitting out there taking and smoking. After getting up the courage, I went and asked if it was possible to get Loretta’s autograph. I was politely told that she was resting, (I think one of the guys there had to be a grandson of Loretta, the resemblance was very strong). I was upset but understood. The reason I was upset, the last time my Grandma Richmond was supposed to see her in concert, Loretta was going to sign something (book or cd, I am not sure) and Gram was so excited at the thought of meeting her. Well, needless to say the concert was cancelled because I believe Loretta got sick (or maybe her husband). Gram was really upset about not being able to meet her. I just wanted to be able to get the autograph and put it up with some of Gram’s things that I have. Oh well. I guess it was not to be for me either.

Back to the concert we were supposed to see, yeah that didn’t happen either. You see, my daughter had to work at six. So, I needed to get her home so she could get ready. City traffic on a friday in normally unbearable, add the holiday weekend and what the heck was I thinking driving into the city!

So, Loretta if your reading this. I would really like an autograph to put with Gram’s treasured things.

Memories in Music

My Grandma Richmond was born and raised in West Virginia. My Mom was born there as well, but the family moved to Chicago when my Mom was about 8 years old. West Virginia was so much apart of my family, it was like we were apart of it. We grew up listening to country music and the oldies of rock and roll. There are a few musicians or groups that were prominent in our lives, Elvis Presley, Kenny Rogers and Loretta Lynn. Loretta was probably one of the earliest concerts I ever went to (with both Mom and Grandma).

Grandma’s favorite movie was Coal Miner’s Daughter, I remember purchasing the VCR cassette for her when she moved to AL so that we could all watch it again, together. They related to Loretta, because they also were raised with the men in their family in the coal mines. After Grandma passed, I brought the movie home, along with her second book, Still Woman Enough. I got a good kick out of reading that last month.

What’s funny is that my kids love Lorette Lynn as well. They watch the movie and have some of her music on their Ipods. I get a kick out of it because it is just weird that these kids that were raised in a big city will sit back and listen/watch some of these old country musicians.

My oldest daughter called me today to tell me that Loretta Lynn is playing at Taste of Chicago next week (which happens to be a free concert) and that I need to keep my schedule clear to go with her and see Loretta. I am so excited! Though, I have to admit that it will probably be hard to listen to her song Coal Miner’s Daughter because that is one of the songs Grandma had played at the end of her funeral. Now, it is just a consistent memory of Grandma’s funeral.

**Now if I could just get her to take me to see Kenny Rogers, I have never seen him before.**

Memories and Grandma’s

52 Weeks of Sharing Memories is hosted by Lorine at Olive Tree Genealogy, she has put together a list of memories to discuss to help bloggers add information about their lives, not only the lives of their ancestors. The prompt for week #2 was Grandparents (ok, I am a bit late getting this up, but it was written during week 2). She asked these questions:

  • Which Grandparent were you the closest to and why?
  • What were his/her hobbies?
  • What is the strongest memory of your grandparent?

I was lucky enough to be born having all of my grandparents and a set of great grandparents as well.

From birth to age 8, I spent most of my time with my paternal grandma, Ida (Jaeger) O’Connell. She was our babysitter, which was more like our Mom. Until my grandpa died they had lived in an apartment. After his death, my Dad purchased his first home. A 2 flat, we lived on the first floor and Grandma lived on the second.

When I was young, she was the one who did everything for us, dressed us, fed us and took care of us when we were ill. I really have no memories of anyone else really taking care of us (maybe 1 babysitter before we moved to the 2 flat). The point is, my youngest memories are not of my parents, they are of my paternal grandparents.

Grandma had many hobbies that kept her busy throughout the days, besides raising her grandchildren, she loved word searches, jigsaw puzzles (there was always one hidden on the dining room table, under the tablecloth), knitting, crocheting and making jellies! Yum, I wish I had some homemade plum jelly now!

My strongest memory of her is her sitting in her lazy boy chair, next to the picture window, watching her “stories” while crocheting or knitting. I was always sitting on the arm of the chair, drinking her glass of water. She did not like to share her drinks with us kids because we always left “floaties” in her water. I remember her telling us to open our mouths so she could make sure there was no more food in there.

She passed when I was 8 and from there I spent my time with my maternal grandma, Zedith Richmond.  This is the woman who taught me how to cook, and boy could she cook!

The only hobby I remember her being involved with was ceramics. It was our Wednesday night event. Along with grandma, my mom, an aunt, my brother, my cousin and I would meet at the ceramics shop and work on whatever items we were currently involved with. I have one piece left that grandma made, it is a Santa’s workshop with the elves and Mrs. Claus. The workshop has already broken and has been repaired with crazy glue. This year I refused to get it out for Christmas since it is the last item of ceramics I have from her.

My strongest memory of her is our trip to WV in 2004. It was the only “adult” vacation I took with her. This trip was for the Hilton family reunion (her Mom’s family) and so she could show us “home.” I was the only grandchild who took this trip with her and I will treasure the time we spent together, seeing places that were important to her life and meeting friends and family. I really wish some of my cousins would have been able to make this trip. I am thankful to have shared this trip with my two girls  and then to have brought my son to see parts of it in fall of 2009.

I miss both of these special women in my life daily. I would not be the strong woman I am today without either of them.

In Remembrance

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the death of Zedith M. (Lachney) Richmond, My Last Grandma. The past few months have been a bit difficult as she has often crossed my mind.

Just recently, we were cleaning out our attic and I found the childhood pictures she had given me many years ago. I was so relieved when I found them, I knew exactly what frame they were in, I just could not locate it. After going through a few boxes in the attic, I was thrilled when I pulled the frame out and both pictures were still inside of it.

Feb 1942, 9 years old

Both of these pictures were taken at Stoco School (Raleigh Co., WV), you can read more about the school in this post.

Even though Grandma lived out-of-state and I was not able to see her when I liked, I miss hearing her deep gut wrenching laugh (while she rocked back and forth in a chair) and hearing her call me by her special name.

I love you dearly Grandma and we miss you every day!

Holiday Foods

Last year I wrote about Grandma Richmond’s homemade beef sandwhich’s that we would have on Christmas eve. I recently sent an email through facebook to my mom’s cousin to see if he had the recipe. I knew it happened to be a favorite of his as well. I knew that he had to have it. So, today I will share that with everyone.

Grandma Richmond’s  Italian Beef:
One big Rump Roast
2 tbs Chili Powder
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Pepper
1 diced Onion
1 Tbs Italian Seasoning
1 6 oz. can Tomato Paste
Hard Sandwhich Rolls
Hot Pepper Rings 

Rub roast with chili powder, salt and pepper. Place in a roaster, cover with onion, tomato paste (your grandma used ketchup instead of tomato paste) and italian seasoning. Add water to
cover about half the roast. Cover and bake for 3-4 hours at 350°. Add water throughout baking, if needed. Cool the roast when done,
then slice the beef and return it to the juice. Serve on hard crusty rolls with hot pepper rings. (I have a hard time finding nice hard rolls. Most tend to dissolve in the juice. You can also put your rolls in the oven a little before hand and that will crisp them up.)

If you try it, let me know how it turns out. I have not tried making it myself, yet. I might try for Christmas Eve (depending on my work schedule).
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