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Order of the Eastern Star

What a wonderful gift I was given this afternoon. I am most thankful for it. In my mailbox was the usual, unwanted mail, magazines (excited to get the new NGS Magazine and New England Ancestors), but the best was a letter from Beckley, WV. As I looked at it, I was not sure what it was. I had recently been to Beckley, but did not remember anyone saying they would mail me something. As I stared at this letter, it occured to me that the envelop was one I addressed, months ago. I had sent a letter to the local Order of the Eastern Stars to see if they had any information on my Great Great Grandmother, Nettie Ann (Warden) Richmond. I had given up hope for a reply because it has been a few months. 

So I am extremely excited, I opened the letter before I even took my coat off and got comfortable. Inside was a letter, on OES letterhead from their current Secretary. It gives me the following bits of information:

  • Nettie was initiated 20 May 1926
  • Her husband, John E Richmond was a member of Beckley Lodge No 95, A.F & A.M, Beckley, WV
  • Her petition shows address as Riley, WV and dues record shows address as Stanaford, WV
  • She was the Chapter Worthy Matron 1 Jul 1939 – 30 June 1940
  • Charles Tongue served as Worthy Patron with her.
  • She was given life membership 26 Feb 1967

Nettie died 3 Feb 1968, almost a full year after she was given her life membership. 

I have recently spoken with a Granddaughter of Nettie, who referred to her as Granny, she said that the OES was very important to Granny and she thought she would not get into heaven without her OES ring she wore. Unfortunately, she was not buried with the ring. I look forward to more conversations with this cousin, she has shared many family stories and I hope with my urging she will commit these stories to paper. I have only been able to collect historical facts, and she has the personal, together we can create a wonderful history of the Richmond’s life.


Tombstone Tuesday – John and Nettie Richmond


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My son and I recently took a trip East to look at colleges. On our way home we stopped in Beckley, WV to visit a few cemeteries and to show him where his Grandma was born. We only had a short period of time to visit, but we made the most of it. I believe we saw about 4 cemeteries that day. My son got to stand at the grave of his 6th, 4th and 3rd Great Grandparents. It is all in a days work. I am grateful to Bob, who is  a distant relative on my Warden side, for taking the time to show us  the many different cemeteries. 

John and Nettie Warden are my Great Great Grandparents. They are one of the main reasons I made sure we stopped in Beckley on our way home from this road trip. I have recently found out that John Richmond was a 3rd degree Mason and Nettie was in the Order of the Eastern Star. I wanted to see of their tombstone had any symbols on it. Unfortunately, there were none. 

Though there were no symbols on the stone, the trip was well worth while. I met a few relatives and enjoyed my breif stay. I have learned that the Warden side of the family has a yearly family reunion, down the road from John and Nettie’s house. I hope to be able to attend one soon.


Wordless Wednesday – Richmond Homestead

100_4034Home of John and Nettie Richmond, Stanaford, Raleigh Co, WV

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Childhood Memories

5376_130621732305_672157305_3096539_8228776_sWhen I was a child, my brother and I spent our weekends at our maternal Grandparents (The Richmond’s) house. There always seemed to be something going on. In the backyard, there was this great Apple Tree that we would climb. I remember that I could never get very high into the tree. I was not a natural born tree climber. I needed a small chair or a boost from Mom to get me into the tree. My brother would go up high as possible and tease me because I could never catch up to him.

We spent a lot of time in this yard sitting outside on the patio, running around and even hanging laundry with Grandma. But, it is not the yard or the tree that are the best memories here. It’s Grandma’s house! That is why it is special. I spent weekends and my summers there.  Her kitchen holds many memories, helping her cook dinner and then making Grandpa’s lunch (for work). Here is where I learned to cook. My best recipes come from Grandma and today, I laugh and tell her that I can make some of them better than her.  

Besides the cooking in the kitchen, there was plenty of playing cards and other games. Some of my favorite card games played here are Rummy, Gin and Solitaire. We also learned how to play dice! That was a favorite for a long time. Grandpa’s friend Bill would come over and we would laugh for hours. We were never treated as “kids” and sent to bed early. If someone was visiting, we were there having the same fun the adults were. After Grandpa passed, Grandma moved out of state. When I pass her old neighborhood, there is a feeling of sadness. Knowing that she is not there, and that I cannot just walk in and smell a wonderful home cooked dinner waiting for me to eat. I cannot wait to go and visit, to have those meals we would eat as kids, cooked by my Grandma!


Thanks to Randy at Genea Musings, not just for giving us fun things to blog about. But, for reminding us to sit back and think about our lives as well. This was definitely Saturday Night Fun!

Tombstone Tuesday – James E Richmand

Growing up, we always heard stories of Uncle Jimmy. He was my maternal Grandpa’s younger brother. Uncle Jimmy was in the service and when he would visit the family in West Virginia, he would come and spend time with his big brother Bill and his family. My Grandma would tell us stories about how when he arrived she would offer to make him a sandwich, and he would ask for 6 bologna sandwiches. He would eat all of them.
I do not know really much about Uncle Jimmy, except for that he was loved by his family. Uncle Jimmy died at the age of 19 in a terrible car accident.

Here are clips from a newspaper article that my Grandmother kept, I do not know what paper it came out of at this point.












Cemetery Photo

img021Inscription reads:

James E Richmond

West Virginia


US Navy

February 9 1938

May 10 1957 Continue reading →

Saturday Night Fun – Surname Wordle

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