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Rose and Frank McAvoy

Rose (Springer) O’Connell McAvoy and Frank McAvoy


Rose (Springer) O’Connell – McAvoy

OK. So one goal for the New Year was to do more in depth research on my Springer line. I was reading old O’Connell posts today and found a message my aunt put up a few years ago. This message stated that Rose had a sister Sophia. I already know that she had a brother William and her mother was Mary. I searched the 1900 census and found a family in Maine that fits these family members. The one exception is that the Mother is listed as Mosel, I cannot read the original copy to clearly. It looks like it could be Mary instead of Mosel. There is another brother listed as well. His name is Arthur. Will see if I can find them in 1880, 1910 and go from there.

Springer – O’Connell

I got a response on a message board post. The post was looking for more information on Rose Springer O’Connell. Looks like we found her, with Dennis in 1910 in Saratoga, NY. They are with the 3 children and Rose’s brother William and their mother Mary E Robichaud. Mary is widowed, I am assuming for the second time. Will see if I can find an obit or anything else on her, which might lead to the first husband. Of course, I will keep you updated.

Rose O’Connell’s burial

On September 24, 2008 I ordered a copy of Great Grandma Rose’s death certificate. No one in the family that we speak to seems to know where she is buried. The first certificate was not for our Rose. So, I tried again. This time it was a success! But, the good news is that Rose is buried within a mile of my house at St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery. I got up in the morning and made Brittany go with me to search for her resting place. This is a huge cemetery and it took us awhile to find her. But here is the exciting part. Not only did we find Rose, but we found her daughter Theresa, son Linus, and his wife Helen. Pictures of the markers are already loaded on the blog. There are many O’Connell’s buried here. Not sure if any of them will end up related or not. But it was too many in their listing to take a quick note to go back to later. Glad it is close so that I can get back whenever I need to.

Here is what I learned so far. The hunt is exciting, but the thrill is from the find. Each time I find something, the excitement is so thrilling! Hope to have many, many more finds.
At this point, I look forward to my trip East to visit the parts of NY my family came from. Hopefully I will be able to do this in the spring, when the weather becomes nice enough to enjoy a few days outside.
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