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Amanuensis Monday: Wilhelm Jonas Naturalization Record


United States of America

State of Illinois,

Cook County

Pleas, before the honorable EW Burke one of the Judges of the Circuit Court of Cook County, at a term thereof begun and held at Chicago, in said county and state, on the third Monday (being the 15th day) of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred 4and the Independence of the United States the one hundred 19th.

Present, Honorable EW Burke one of the Judges of the Circuit Court of Cook County.

Jacob J. Kern States Attorney,

James H. Gilbert Sheriff.

Attest Frank J Gaulter clerk,

On the 23d day of October A.D. 1894, being one of the days aforesaid, came Wilhelm Jonas an alien, into court, and applied to be admitted as a naturalized citizen of the United States, and it having appeared to the satisfaction of the Court that the said applicant has resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States, for and during the full term of five years last past, and one year and upward immediately proceeding date hereof, in the State of Illinois, and that during said term of five years he has sustained a good moral character, and appeared to be attached to to the principle contained in the Constitution of the United States, as well disposed to the good order, well being, and happiness of the same, and two years and upwards have elapsed since the said applicant filed the declaration of his intention to become a citizen of the United States, according to the provisions of the several Acts of Congress heretofore passed on that subject; and he having now here, in open Court, taken and subscribed the oath required by those laws to support the Constitution of the United States, and to renounce and abjure all allegiances and fidelity to every foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty whatever, and more particularly all allegiance which he may in anywise owe to Emperor of Germany whereof he was heretofore a subject.

It is Therefore Ordered and Adjudge, by the Court, that the said Wilhelm Jonas be, and he is hereby admitted to all and singular the rights, privileges and immunities of a naturalized citizen of the United States, and that the same be certified by the Clerk of this Court, under the seal of said Court accordingly.


Was Your Family Counted Twice

Over the weekend, I was searching page by page, ED by ED through the 1940 Census. Specifically, Raleigh County, WV. That is where my maternal family is from and I still need to find my grandparents. Since, I was not having any luck locating either grandparent with their families. I decided I should look for my grandfather’s grandparents, or my great-great grandparents. My logic was that my grandfathers family should be someplace close by. My great-great grandfather had a large parcel of land tha the split amongst his children. So I knew that there would be many Richmond families in the same vicinity.

What I found, made me question what I knew about the family and it made me call me mother to see what she knew as well. According to what I found, my Richmond family, John and Nettie lived with all their children, even the married ones. Yet, there is no mention of spouses of grandchildren. At first glance, I only notice my great-grandfather was there without his family. So, I placed a call to my mom and asked her if she ever heard her father talk about living someplace without his father. Mom was pretty sure he had never told her that. While she was telling me this. I started really looking at this record and saw many of the Hunter’s (my great-grandfather) siblings were marked as married and living at home. Very odd.

Roy Richmond Family and John E Richmond Family, 1940 US Federal Census, Town, Raleigh Co, West Virginia.

John Richmond Family (balance), 1940 US Federal Census, Town, Raleigh Co, West Virginia.

I understand that times were hard, so it is not inconceivable that some children might have had to move home in order to be able to afford to live. Heck, how many young adults have done that in our economic conditions.

But, what really made me start looking at what this record was telling me, is when I noticed that Roy was living there as well. I went to my database to verify who his spouse was, (this is a large family and I had never really spent a lot of time researching or even face to face with relatives on this line). Roy’s wife was Lily (last name currently unknown). Interesting, just above John E and Nettie Richmond are Roy and Lily Richmond and they are the same age. With this coincidence, I decided I needed to check one more family. Hunter and Roy had a sister, Mae, she married French Meadows and I know that I had already downloaded their page of the 1940 Census. I pulled it up and then went back to the page with John and Nettie to see if Mae was listed in their home as well. Guess what, she was. It seems that Nettie, supplied the enumerator with information on all her children.

French Meadows Family, 1940 US Federal Census, Town, Raleigh Co., West Virginia.

With this information, I know that I still need to search for Hunter Richmond with his wife Edith and their family. It also gives me a list of children for John and Nettie, now I can double-check and see if I am missing anyone from my research.

Glimpsing into 1940

This past week was filled with scouring the 1940 Census to see what and who I can find. To be honest, it started out extremely frustrating when on Monday morning at 8:25 am I could not access anything on the website. I knew that there are bound to be problems with some of the website. But, I never expected to see nothing (and that was for over 12 hours).

At about 8:30 pm that night, I used my daughters computer and finally downloaded and ED that I was wanting to look at. Went to my computer to see if it would work and it did. I chalked this up to everyone being on Dear Myrtle’s webinar (which I am extremely happy that everyone was listening to her and giving me a break. I was ready to through all computers out the window. I know, I need a bit more patience and no I do not expect to finish my genealogy in one day. I just wanted to find 1 family and check the records out. Which I finally accomplished Monday night.

The first family I wanted to find was my German great grandparents, and I was successful.  See image below.

Jaegar Family, living at 3710 Southport Ave, Chicago, IL

After that I wanted to find their daughter Ida, this is the first time she would be enumerated as a wife, and she would have two children with her. Well, I spent many hours searching and came up with nothing. I reached out to my aunt to see if she remembered where the family should be. She was kind enough to send me the address of the home from when she was in school. I used that address to find the ED and searched through it. I found grandma!!!! How excited, I even emailed a copy of the census record to that aunt and two more. See image below for Grandma!

On the next page, I found my grandfather. He will become Ida’s second husband on 11 Jan 1947.  But, in 1940 he is still married to Janet and they are not living together.

Here’s Larry in 1940:

Larry O'Connell, living at 1458 Grace St., Chicago, IL

and finally, here is Janet and Bobby:

Janet and her son, Robert O'Connell, not sure of address at this point.

With Larry and Janet not living together, it is easy to assume that there was already marital problems. I wonder if any of them had an inkling of what was to come in the next seven years?

Royal, West Virginia

As I was going through my records today for each of my great-great grandparent, I was pulling out all the pertinent data. Basically, I am making sure I have all the who, what, when and where from each record. Interesting enough, on my Richmond line, I found mention of a town in Raleigh County, WV that I had never heard of, Royal. I put a question mark on it and went on with my day.

A few hours later and I was looking at the records again and I started thinking, where is Royal and how come this is not a town that I have heard of. I found the name of the town on the marriage record of John Eldridge Richmond and Nettie Ann Warden. So, I decided it was time to give my good friend google a whirl and see what it would tell me.

The first hit on the list was from you tube. I am not a big fan of you tube, I mean I watch some of the video clips that are funny, “Charlie bit my finger” and things like that. But, I do not really use it in my genealogy research. I know there are things out there on you tube pertaining to genealogy, but I just never really look there. Well, today I decided I should click on this you tube link and see what they have to say about Royal, WV and I am glad I did. It was a video of a Forest Ranger giving information about Royal and for any genealogist with family that was in this area it is extremely helpful, not to mention they go into a cemetery and show a few headstone.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video (7.59 minutes to be exact)

Tombstone Tuesday: Hurt

Stuart L. Hurt
His Wife
Annie Warden

The Words to A Knight in Shining Armor

On Wednesday, I posted a photo that I had taken at Graceland Cemetery, A Knight in Shining Armor.

Following is the inscription at the base of the monument:

Above all things truth beareth away the victory

There is no information stating that this is a final resting place for someone. There are no headstones around it. It is actually surrounded by bushes and trees, the only opening to it is from the road. As we drove through the cemetery, it caught me by surprise  and I had to take a picture of it.

Tombstone Tuesday – Robert Warden

Robert Warden

Nov 1820

Mar 1893

Gone But Not Forgotten

Robert Warden is my Third Great Grandfather. He was married to Nancy Warden, a cousin. Nancy died in 1886. Robert and Nancy had 7 children. I descend through their son David J’s daughter Nettie Ann. Nettie married William Hunter Richmond Sr.

Robert is buried in the Robert Warden family cemetery west of Stanaford Rd. in Beckley, WV area. The cemetery was on the side of a mountain and thick with brush. It was hard to walk through the cemetery and find anyone specifically. Thankfully, I had a distant cousin, Bob, give me a guided tour. He also descends through the Warden line. Bob knew exactly where each stone was and found each one for me. This trip was in Oct 2009.

Wordless Wednesday – Graceland Cemetery

Memories in Music (post 2)

So, a few weeks back my daughter had invited me to go with her to the Taste of Chicago to here Loretta Lynn sing. It was country day (not really our music of choice, but there are a few artists that I do love) and I could not wait to go. Like everything else in our life, we were running late and I thought we would end up missing the beginning of her concert. My daughter hold told she started at 1pm and I wanted to get there early enough to get a good seat so that I could take some photo’s. Well, turns out she mixed the time up with the date. You see the concert was on July 1 and started at 5pm.

Well, we got to walk around and taste some of the food. I had not been to the Taste for at least 10 years. It was nice to be there and enjoy the food, but I think it is all over rated and not like it used to be when I was in high school.. I agree with those that are saying it is time to stop the Taste.

Anyhow, as we walked through the streets checking out the different types of food, we came across a couple of RV’s without even looking up, I turned to my daughter and said “I bet this is Loretta’s RV,” she laughed. I looked up and this is what I saw…


Ahh, the coal miner. For those of you who are fans of Loretta, you know that this is her signature. I was so excited. There were two RV’s this one, and one in front of it (with no distinct markings). Between the two RV’s there were some chairs set up with a few men sitting out there taking and smoking. After getting up the courage, I went and asked if it was possible to get Loretta’s autograph. I was politely told that she was resting, (I think one of the guys there had to be a grandson of Loretta, the resemblance was very strong). I was upset but understood. The reason I was upset, the last time my Grandma Richmond was supposed to see her in concert, Loretta was going to sign something (book or cd, I am not sure) and Gram was so excited at the thought of meeting her. Well, needless to say the concert was cancelled because I believe Loretta got sick (or maybe her husband). Gram was really upset about not being able to meet her. I just wanted to be able to get the autograph and put it up with some of Gram’s things that I have. Oh well. I guess it was not to be for me either.

Back to the concert we were supposed to see, yeah that didn’t happen either. You see, my daughter had to work at six. So, I needed to get her home so she could get ready. City traffic on a friday in normally unbearable, add the holiday weekend and what the heck was I thinking driving into the city!

So, Loretta if your reading this. I would really like an autograph to put with Gram’s treasured things.

This is the Face of Genealogy

Mary Jane (Hilton) Lachney with daughters, West Virginia

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