I am currently researching different lines in my family, today I decided that it is time to make sense of these lines. A small box on the side of my blog is just not enough room.

Maternal line:

Richmond MA>PA>VA>WV>IL

Lachney IN>WV>OH

Hilton England>OH>WV

Agate Italy>IL


Garlinger France>PA

Paternal line:

O’Connell IRE> NY>IL

Springer Quebec>ME>NY>IL

Pratt NY

Curran NY

Jaeger Austria>Canada>IL

Jonas Germany>IL

In law lines:

Poray-Koshetz/Poray Russia>NJ

If you share ancestors with these surnames or in the same areas, leave a comment and let me know. My goal in researching my family is to not only find those that came before us, but to find those that are still here with us.

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  1. matthew curran | Reply

    My father was from new york,jersey city area.His name was francis. He was born in 1925.

  2. Matthew, I am not really sure about my Curran family at this point. I have just found out that my Great-Grandmother Bridget (Curran) O’Connell had a sister Catherine they both lived in Granville, NY in the late 1890’s.

  3. I stumbled across your site today and could not believe my eyes when I saw your photo. Our features are just about identical (as I was 20 years ago). It felt as though I was looking into the mirror. My mouth also turns up slightly on one side and down on the other when I smile! I just can’t believe it.
    I am also researching O’Connells from Kerry, Ireland but have hit a blank also with a John O’Connell who left for South Africa in about the mid-1800’s. I have the family tree for South Africa but cannot trace him in Kerry. He married Joanna Catherine Eager and his father was Geoffrey O’C married to Elizabeth Ross.
    This tracing of one’s ancestors is so interesting!

    1. Gigi O'Connell, Halfhill, Burch, Anderson, McCullough | Reply

      Just went to an extended family reunion in Kansas and heard of this side of the family. A great uncle had just traveled to Ireland to research the family and it seems to include the individuals you are referring to. My Maternal grandmother’s mother is from the Irish family of John O’Connell of Kerry.

      1. Gigi O'Connell, Halfhill, Burch, Anderson, McCullough
      2. Gigi, thanks for posting here and for posting the link as well. I have gone through those tracts before and figured they might come in handy someday.

        How wonderful for you to be able to spend time in Kansas for a family reuniion. I was wondering if you happen to have any more information besides what is in the link to add. Dawn and I are both trying to find a link that will bring our families together. Anything you have would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Dawn, so glad you left a comment here. Would love to see a picture of you! Maybe somewhere these lines will connect. Maybe would could connect via private email. I will put an email me link up later.

    Thanks again and good luck in your research!

  5. I have some info on your John O’Connell. he was born in Kerry in Nov. 1857 and died 26.09.1931. He was married to Bridget Curran who was born 1862 and died 1895. They had 7 children, the firstborn being Dennis in 1883.
    Now I wish I could find my John O’Connell who left Kerry for South Africa. He was born in 1811 in Kerry.

  6. Dawn, where did you find the info that he was born in Kerry?

    They did have 7 kids, but Harriet was first, then Elizabeth, then Dennis. Both Harriet (Hattie) and Elizabeth were born in NJ and the rest were born in NY.

    Feel free to email me directly at toc5871 @

  7. I wish I knew! I have been visiting so many sites but this was about 3 days ago so will look for it in history tomorrow.

  8. Ok, thanks. Let me know if you find it.

  9. Thor O'Connell | Reply

    Hi, I’m not sure if this is relevent, but I have a John O’Connell born 17 May 1851 to Michael O’C (worked in a slate mill) and Abigail Lyons who then moved to West Castleton, Vermont, just north of Fairhaven. Alot of my line is buried in the St Mary’s Cemetery in Fairhaven. I have John in the 1860 census in West Castleton then lost him. He had 5 siblings, Michael, Margaret, Catherine, Philip (my ancestor) and Abigail. He is missing from the 1870 census of his family (along with all but the 2 youngest children) and I have not located him within the West Castleton census at all.

    It’s very possible he could have married and moved to Granville as it is within the NY-VT slate belt, but as I said I have not been able to locate anything on him.

    If you’d like more information to see if our lines match up, please contact me. Thanks.

    Thor O’Connell

    PS Michael and Abigail emigrated together from Mallow, Cork in 1840 via Canada then entered via Portland, ME. Michael naturalized in 1855 in Boston.

    1. Thor,

      Thanks for commenting. Very interesting that they seemed to be in the same areas. My John O’Connell came to the states in the late 1850’s as an infant (according to one census record). His father was Dennis. I wonder if there is a connection between Dennis and your Michael, it would make sense that they would come and settle somewhere close to family. As of this point, I am not 100% certain I ave found any family that was here before them. I have not found any naturalization records for John or Dennis at this point.

      Thanks again for commenting and I will be in contact with you soon.

  10. Terri. Cousin. Hello! I also sent you an email. It seems that we share John James Hilton and wife Susie Kerr as grandparents. Hope to speak with you more via email.
    Tim Leslie

    1. Tim, thanks for taking the time to comment. I did get your email. Hope you rec’d my reply. It has been a long week. Hope to be able to chat soon. Terri

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