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The Big Genealogy Blog Book

Last week, fellow genealogist and friend, Amy Coffin (of the The We Tree Genealogy Blog) released her new book, The Big Genealogy Blog Book, on a few sites. As of now, it is available to be downloaded in a PDF file, or for your Kindle. When asked, Amy advised it would be on the Nook soon.

I downloaded a copy from Amazon right away because Amy has spent a lot of her time giving the genealogy community numerous topics to keep their blog fresh. For $2.99, she does not let you do down. Her book is great for a novice blogger or those of us who have been around for a bit and still need help keeping our blog content fresh.

Chapter 7 gives you 52 ideas, 52 weeks

Chapter 8 gives you 52 Weeks to better genealogy

Chapter 9 is 52 Weeks of personal genealogy and history

and the bonus is Chapter 10 – 25 great topics for genealogy society blogs.

Now, I do not write a blog for any society. To be honest, I have enough trouble writing here most of the time. But, this chapter has many great ideas that can be used as a monthly post for a society.

If you have not had a chance to download or read Amy’s book, I highly recommend you do that now. You can download it here.

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