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Genealogy, History and Watching TV

This past week, I found a new show on the History Channel that I have already set to DVR whenever it is on. Any tv show that can give us a glimpse into the past is ok by me. We have Storage Wars (on A&E), Pawn Stars and American Pickers. When I watch these shows, I get excited at any of the historical information they can shed a bit of light on. We cannot expect to be knowledgeable on everything, are we?

Anyhow, while I was watching something on the History Channel the other day, I saw a commercial for Brad Meltzer’s Decoded, (which airs Wednesday evenings 10/9 Central). Lets just say I was a bit intrigued. It’s a weekly tv program that has history, some mysteries, conspiracy theories and heck they even throw in information about secret societies.

Ever since I read Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code, I have been hooked on books, movies or anything else that might involve a conspiracy theory. It’s interesting to see what others think and why they feel the way they do. I will say that some of the theories are very far-fetched, but I am still intrigued.

I spent my day yesterday watching four different episodes that I had dvr’d the day before, and I am hooked. I have asked my followers on  Twitter to see if anyone else is watching, and I only received 1 reply. Which, is why I am blogging about it now. You never know where you will find the next clue in your genealogy research and if any of the history based tv shows can bring us one step closer to breaking down that brick wall, I am all for it.

As I was writing this post and looking through the History Channel’s website, I also came across American Restoration, looks like I will be spending a lot of time with the History Channel. If you do not hear from me, call AT&T and have them turn my tv off!

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