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Letter from C. Pratt (2)

So, I have written another letter looking for more information and also wrote a letter to his sister. Hoping to get a little more information with each letter. Also, to form a family relationship for all of us. I am of course, ever thankful that he replied to me. Hopefully, he and his sister will be willing to meet with me and whoever is willing to go to NY with me in the spring. I would like to meet with them and any other family member I can. Maybe do some interviews and find out more about the family.

In my letters, I asked the following questions…
Do they have older pictures that we could look through?
Does he remember his Grandfather John?
Here is some other things I would like to find out…
Did they ever meet the cousins that moved to Chicago (obviously before the move)?
Do they know why Dennis and Rose divorced and if so where were they living at the time?
Who are the parents of John and Bridget?
When did the family come to America?
What part of Ireland did they come from?
I feel this is a lot to ask in 1 letter, so I guess I will write a few and break it up some.  If anyone has any other questions they would like answered, please feel free to post comments on this blog and I will take them off of here and insert into the next few letters.

C Pratt letter update

Here is the letter that I got from Clellon, dated 11/5/08…

yes. My mother was a family member. I remember Dennis working in Canada. I think the town name was Thorough or something like that (very close, it was Thorold) I don’t know if my Mother was notified of his burial. I (not sure of word here) around at this time in 1950. My mother died in 1968. You didn’t mention any of the other siblings. I remember, 1 of them was Aunt Elizabeth that had a gas station outside of Glover (I think). I remember going to Hudson Falls and Glen Falls when I was a kid. My father died in 1942 of cancer. My sister still lives in Felts Mills. She knows more about the Aunt and Uncles than I do. (he then gives her address and his phone #) Black River is only 2 miles from Felts Mills. I hope you can read this letter.
signed CFP

Letter from C. Pratt

So, I know everyone is on pins and needles wondering if I got a reply to the letter I sent out. The answer is, yes! Today in the mail I received a reply from Clellon. He said his mother is a family member. (How excited am I you ask, I am on cloud nine)!

He remembers Great Grandpa Dennis and said he does not know if his mother was notified of Dennis burial. He also remembers going to Hudson Falls and Glen Falls as a child. 
He did give me some other info, but I am pressed for time. I will write him again and see if he gives more information. The power of the pen is a wonderful thing!
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