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Finding Our Ancestors Has Made it to Facebook

Yes, you read that correctly! This week we have started a facebook page to discuss all things genealogy (of course), a bit of history (because it goes with our genealogy) and whatever else comes up. I hope you will take a few minutes to go and like the page. The link is also located on the left side of this blog so you will always be able to find it.

Thanks for reading and following along on all we do.


Genealogy Friends Rock

They do, no matter what road in life we have taken. We all have the same passion and love to talk about it, genealogy. Besides, your family won’t listen to that scandal you uncover on great-uncle Bill, or the fact that you know for sure grandma and grandpa never really married. You can count on your genealogy friends to listen to every story you have to tell and offer up their story to match yours.

Our genealogy friends usually are found at local societies (if you are involved) or online on Facebook, Twitter and many other various social networking websites. We become close friends, that share more than a hobby/passion. We end up sharing stories of our lives, comparing our families and the situations that we have gone through and offer up the best advice we can. We chat daily and become entwined in the others life and become our type of family.

Family by blood is simply that. People that you are related to by birth. You cannot pick your family. That has been done for you. But, this other family, is one by choice. A choice that is conscience. You decide to continue the day to day chatting and sharing and would not have it any other way.

But, how often do you go out of your way to meet these people. Is it better to know them with your online persona, or do you take time out of your life to meet them and really get to know them? Share a meal and great conversation (of course it starts with genealogy). You will find that it will move to many other things, politics, religion, work, family and your furry little pets.

Tonight, I spent the evening with two of my twitter pals @Mynolaheritage and @Archivalbiz. We meet in the city for Italian food and conversation, and I enjoyed both! I have met @Archivalbiz before, but it was the first time we both met @Mynolaheritage. We are all hoping to meet up for FGS2012 in Ohio and rooming together, with a few others. I look forward to the next time we can all get together and enjoy our time together. Oh, if you are not following these ladies on Twitter take the time to do so. They will keep you entertained and informed.

So, my question to you is this. How often do you step out of your comfort zone and take the time to meet some of your online friends?

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