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Good Eats in Fort Wayne

Are you planning a visit to the Allen County Public Library in the near future? Do you need a place to eat with good food, great staff and a great atmosphere. Look no further, JK O’Donnell’s has it all.

JK O'Donnell's, Fort Wayne, Indiana
©Terri O'Connell 2012

Our group of about 15 met there last friday evening for dinner. We took up the back part of the restaurant and had a great waitress, Meghan. She was happy and attentive, those are two things I look for in a waitress.

Seriously, about 10 years ago, I had a friend who was a waitress and I would take my kids to her restaurant for dinner. I had never been taken care of so well. My drink was never empty and the kids always had what they wanted, before they had to ask for it. I know, she spoiled us for all other wait staff. I am beyond picky now. I want to be taken care, and do not want to have to search for my waitress.

Meghan stayed on top of things, glasses were always full and empty dishes did not sit long. To top it off, she separated every bill. Not many places will do that, especially for a large group. In Chicago, it would be unheard of because the waiter/waitress would be losing the tip that would be losing an automatic 18% tip.

All in all, we had a great evening at JK O’Donnell’s!

Saturday, we were up early and researching by 10:30 am. Lunch came a bit late in the day. But a group of us decided we would venture back to JK O’Donnell’s for some lunch. We walked in and they sat us right away, even though they were getting ready for a surprise party. Guess who was our waitress, that’s right Meghan! In great spirits again, and she remembered what we all drank from the night before. Ok, it was a bit early to be hitting the ale. But, it really showed that she knows her job well and appreciates her customers.

Our waitress, Meghan at JK O'Donnells.
©Terri O'Connell 2012

So, if you are in the Ft Wayne area and hungry, please see my friend Meghan at JK O’Donnell’s. She is a student who is studying to become a teacher. I for one, like to know that I am helping someone out. Meghan will not let you down. Oh, and make sure you tell her that my blog sent you there. She was ever so gracious to let me take her picture and post it on the internet.


My Finds at ACPL

Everyone survived! We had a great weekend in Fort Wayne, IN and did a lot of research at the ACPL. What a library! The size of the building is impressive and the collections within these walls, amazing. Can you imagine being in a room filled with Family History Books, completely surrounding you? It was never a thought in my mind. Now that I am home, I just want to go back.

Unfortunately, I did not make any great finds in my research this weekend. To be honest, I think I was completely overwhelmed by all the great books and resources at my fingertips. I did find one clue that I will need to follow-up on this week. If this clue pans out, I might have found the final resting place for my last O’Connell great-uncle.

I also was able to eliminate a branch on my Richmond tree. Many who have done the research before me believe that our line connects with Thomas Rogers of the Mayflower. According to the books I looked through this weekend, it does not seem this is possible. It seems that there were many Richmond lines in the area and will really need to see who William Cody Richmond belongs to. It was definitely sad to delete this line, lets face it, we would all like to find a bit of fame in our tree. You cannot get more famous than the Mayflower. Of course, it is possible that the family lines connect at a different place. I will have to spend a lot of time on this family to see if I can take it any further.

Anyhow, We all made it home safely and had a great time at ACPL and in Ft Wayne. Plans are being set in motion for a fall get together. I hope many more of our blogging friends will be able to join us.

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