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Who Are You Seeking in the 1940 Census

A great question posed to the geneabloggers by Amy Coffin of the We Tree blog.

Who are you seeking in the 1940 census? Of course, we have long lists of family members that we would like to see where they are at. But, who do you really seek? Who is the first person you will look for, and why that family?

My reply to this is the Jaeger family. Which, is my paternal grandmother’s family. In 1940 my grandma will be 21 and married with her own children. But, that is not what I want to know. I will be looking for her parents, Fred and Ella (Jonas) Jaeger.

Why the Jaeger’s? Well, let’s just say that I have been given some advice from another realm that needs to be investigated. I do not want to say to more because, if its true I will share it here anyway. If not, well then I move on to my next family mystery.

So, who are you seeking in the 1940 census?

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Tuesday’s Tip: Getting Organized in Research

I have never been an organized researcher. I go from one clue to the next with no rhyme or reason. I go where ever the clues lead and I do not track my searches. Aghhh! How can I be so unorganized when it comes to something so important to me.

If you knew me, really knew me, it makes complete sense. When I managed in the retail field, I had an associate tell me that I must be so organized at home, because I kept our back room (which was office and product storage) so organized. And, if I had to be completely honest, it was more of the product storage. I planned time each week to organize the desk/office area. After the holiday season, we would go straight into sale and that is always the best time to clean up the back room. I worked for Bath & Body Works and let me tell you the mess that shower gel can make on a cement floor. Especially, if it was someplace that you did not notice and had to clean it up at a much later date. Anyhow, I loved sale time! It was time to get rid of the dust as the shelves emptied out and before all the new product came in.  I had a good laugh at this associate because, I am so not like that. I have never been organized at home, not really. I grew up in a house where the dining room table was the catch all for my father, though he always blamed us. When I moved out on my own, I had a chair that was my catch all. It held the baby bag, coats, gloves and my purse. How do I stop this madness?

Well, I am starting with my genealogy this year. I am going to be going through my files, reorganizing them, pulling out magazines and adding them to my library and finally trying to get a little ahead of the game with tracking my research.

I have started making forms on my computer so that I can try to really think about what I plan to do in my research. I let some of my family lines get ahead of me because I do not think about what I want to do, I just do. I am hoping to stop that with my forms.

Research Planning Worksheet on John and William Jonas

I have utilized this form for a few of my research problems and the next step will be researching the documents listed. Maybe I might start using a research log as well. Only time can tell.

So that’s my tip for today, get organized. In the end it can only help you out.

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