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Tuesday’s Tips: Social Media

Social Media is a scary adventure for some. When I first took the plunge into joining a social media website (which was facebook), it was meant to be a quick one. My goal was to find a friend that I had lost contact with. She was about 1 years younger than me and she was way into social media, which I never understood. To be frank, it scared the heck out of me. Anyhow, we had been neighbors and had both gone our own way. I wanted to check in and see how she was doing and I knew that I would be able to find her on facebook. So, I signed up with the intention of deleting that account once I made contact and had a good email address and phone # for this friend.

Best intentions never end up how we think. Before I could find this friend, a different friend found me and it went from there. Then, it was out-of-state family, oh yeah, my high school friends and lets not forget grammar school. One by one, I added more friends and knew I would never be able to delete the account. Oh yeah, I found my friend as well!

Then, I started blogging and found many genea friends that way. Facebook then got way to confusing and my family did not understand all of my genealogy related posts and I was getting way too many comments on how weird some of the stuff I was posting is. So, I decided to make a second account. I deleted all my family off of the first account and created a page directly for them, problem solved – no more comments on my weird obsession of genealogy and cemetery visits.

Then, I joined Twitter. I did not really understand it or like it either. So, I never used it. When I went to Jamboree last June, Caroline and I discussed Twitter at length and she did a great job explaining the idea behind it. She is the Twitter Queen! So, I got over my fear and started tweeting, I found some great friends there and have actually met a few in person.

So, why do you ask in Social Media my Tuesday’s Tip? Well, let me tell you. If you have a question, any question, about any subject in any area, you can tweet (on Twitter) it out there and hopefully get a reply rather quickly. To get more replies, put it on Facebook as well and see what replies you get there. Sometimes, the best advice is just a friend away, you just do not know which friend is going to have the answer. Don’t miss out on a great way to work together with other genealogists and find the answers together.

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