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Taking my DNA Test

Yesterday, I was happy to pull the mail out of my mailbox. It was a genealogy day! I received my new issue of Family Tree Magazine – yeah new reading material and my DNA test from Ancestry. I wasted no time opening and taking the test.

The directions were simple. Only take if you have not eaten in the last half hour. Perfect, I had not one bite to eat at this point. There were 3 swabs, you were to take 1 swab and rub the inside of your right cheek for 30 seconds. Take the second swab and repeat on the left side. Then, take the third swab and rub under upper or lower lip.

After gathering all the DNA I could, I inserted all 3 swabs into the pre-marked envelope. It said to wait 30 minutes to allow the swabs to dry before sealing. Then, insert into pre-addressed envelope and mail back.

Of course, it clearly stated not to expect results until 2012. It also said to go online and activate your kit online, that took all of a minute. They asked for very basic information, name, date of birth and is this your DNA. Done.

Now to wait!

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