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Motivation Monday – April Goals

I am starting a week late this month because I spent the first week immersed in the 1940 Census, like most genealogists. Honestly, I did not have the patience to wait to see some of my family. The German line that I have been working on had to be found, right away.

Research: Find the following people in the 1940 Census, Marie Jonas, Rose McAvoy, Joseph Lachney and family, and John James Hilton and family.

Continue researching the family of Daniel P. O’Connell, brother of my great grandfather.

Writing: The goal is to beat 11 posts for the month, (this is post 3). I also am working on a  book project, I have a rough draft of chapters and would like to work on the first chapter for this month. Only basic information will be given on this project until it starts coming together and I know it is something that I will complete.

Organization: Get the last of my magazines files in order and start on my folders for the families.

Education: Continue with Progen 15 and participate in a few webinars. I cannot watch them on my computer, but I downloaded an app for my Iphone where I will be able to attend that way. I signed up for the ISGS webinar next week and will see how that works.


Motivation Monday: December’s Goals

My fellow genea friend, Stephanie of Corn and Cotton: My Family’s Story has started a new series on her blog, Motivation Monday. On the first Monday of the month, she  states:

“My goal is to post a new list of goals on the first Monday of each month. I’ll review my previous goals as well, and hopefully the list will have lots of completed tasks!”

My thoughts, how brilliant! I usually start my year off with goals put into place. I try to revisit that post a few times throughout the year to see where I am and blog about what I have learned, what I have accomplished and anything else that has come along. To be able to take my yearly list and break it down monthly will makes easier to handle. Since the year is almost over, I am not going to make this post really correlate with my original goals.

So, here are my goals for the Month of December:

  1. Visit Rosehill Cemetery and find Graves of the Felske Family
  2. Visit St Luke/Lucas Cemetery and find graves of the Freiburger family
  3. While at the above listed cemeteries, take pictures to add to Billion Graves
  4. Since the weather is starting to change and cemetery hunting is ending, I want to continue to transcribe for Billion Graves
  5. Reread the BCG Manual for my ASM 1 class for NIGS and schedule my first telephone call. Also, read the article assigned and follow up with the live meeting required for the class
  6. Continue with my blogging efforts by utilizing my list of upcoming posts to publish
  7. Continue research into my Jonas and Jaeger lines

I think that is plenty for the month of December, considering it is a holiday month and I still have work to do.

I do hope that you follow Stephanie and I along with Motivation Monday series. It’s more fun when others join in!

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