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Motivation Monday: June Goals

Here we are, the middle of 2012. How fast time flies. This year has been busier than I expected and because of this, I had to take a minor break from my genealogy goals. I have been busy in the genealogy world with The In-Depth Genealogist (IDG) and the planning for all we want to do there. But, I digress. The In-Depth Genealogist has nothing to do with what I want to do here on my personal blog and in my genealogy research.

June Goals:

Writing: Most of my time has been spent with writing or working at IDG, I want to get back to blogging here, on my personal blog at least once a week. I am working on a weekly calendar to keep my time divided for everything I need to do.

One of my goals is to write a book on one of my families this year, I have not started that at this point. But, it is still something I want to do. It might move to be a goal for next year. Jen Holik told me that I needed to read Sharan DeBartolo Carmack’s book, You Can Write Your Family History. I need to get a copy and move from there.

I have started a book project and have the chapters I want already in place, plus a few of the chapters have been started on. I need to put this in my weekly calendar so that I can move the project forward.

Organization: This seems to be the area that will never be complete! Just this past week I cleaned my desk off again. I made some file folders and got many things filed, now I just need to get a file box for all of them. I also still need to go through all of my family files and get them cleaned up and organized. I also might put together some files for the places I am researching to keep up on the history of that specific area (thanks to Pat Biallas of Geneajourneys for this great idea).

Education: I am into month 4 (I believe) of ProGen 15. So far, I am loving the opportunity to have monthly discussions with my peer group. Second best is going over everyone’s assignments. Personally, I am a visual learner and I tend to learn more by looking at everyone’s assignment rather than the reading. I am trying to stay ahead on this, but it seems that I usually get my assignment in just in the nick of time. Need to get ahead of this, that way I can have the rest of the month to work on everything else.

Where are you with your goals for the year?


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