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Wedding Wednesday – William Springer and Florence Murphy

Groom William G. Springer

Bride Florence A. Murphy

Residence of Groom  Berlin, N. H.

        ” ”             Bride        ”        ”    “

Age of Groom 22

  ”         Bride 21

Color of Groom White

       ”        Bride   “

Occupation of Groom  Labourer

       ”                   Bride  at home

Birthplace of Groom  Montpelier, VT

      ”                  Bride  Prince Edw. Island

No. of Marriage for Groom 1st

             ”                      Bride   1st

Groom Widowed or Divorced ——

Bride          ”            ”       ”          ——

Intention Filed Feb 10, 1916

By Whom Married Rev. Jas. B. McCaffrey

Residence Gorham, N.H.

Official Station*  Clergyman

Date of Marriage Mar. 6, 1916

Place  Gorham, N.H.

(Record continued over)

*Clergyman or Justice of the Peace

Groom’s Father and Mother

Father’s Name Alex Springer

    ”      Residence Deceased

     ”     Age 37  Color White

     ”     Occupation Moulder

     ”     Birthplace Montpelier, Vt.

Mother’s Name Mary H. Cote

     ”      Residence Berlin, N.H.

     ”       Age          Color White

     ”       Occupation Housewife

     ”       Birthplace Canada

Bride’s Father and Mother

Father’s Name Dominie Murphy

”      Residence Deceased

”     Age 59  Color White

”     Occupation Farmer

”     Birthplace Prince Edw. Island

Mother’s Name Rose A. McIntyre

”      Residence Berlin, N.H.

”       Age  54      Color White

”       Occupation Housewife

”       Birthplace Prince Edw. Island

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