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Changing Some of my Goals for 2012

In the beginning of the year many geneabloggers picked buddies to help keep them on track with their goals for this year and then proceeded to blog about said goals. Read my original goals here.  After almost a full month into the year, I know that what I have planned to accomplish as goals is far-reaching and not attainable this year. That would be the goal to research my Richmond line to verify if it is part of the Rogers Mayflower line. This is probably something that will take me a year or two to do and maybe a road trip to follow-up on some of those leads. This goal also plays into my writing goal, I want to be ale to write about the Richmond line. There are many brave men in this line with stories to tell, but I want all the facts before I can do that. So, with much thought I know I need to rewrite these two goals.

Research: This is the year that I plan to analyze my research (again), I have found a way that really helps me see the big picture and find what I am missing. While doing this, it also might make things easier to find in the 1940 Census once released. While analyzing the families I will be searching for the missing documents and making a list of what cannot be found and where I need to look next for said record.


1) This still tends to be the hard one for me. My goal here is to blog more consistently. Which I have been able to do so far. I plan to use the bloggers editorial calendar to stay up to date (and maybe a little ahead).

2) I was asked to write a chapter in Jen Holik’s kids genealogy books on travel and researching your family, which I have sent in my first draft today.

3) I still would like to write a book about one of my families, right now I feel that will end up being my German family, the Jonas’. I seem to be drawn to this family currently and I would like to put everything I have learned about this family in writing.

Please stay with me as I move forward this year with these goals. If anything, I should prove to entertaining and hope to share what I learn along the way.


2012 Genealogy Goals

While reading over how many of my genealogy friends did completing their goals for 2011, I decided that in 2012 I was going to do things a bit differently. Last year, Amy Coffin of We Tree and Denise Levenick of The Family Curator got together over lunch and decided that they would set a few goals and be there for moral support throughout the year.

After I really thought about it, I decided this might actually work for me. I reached out to Stephanie of Corn and Cotton: My Family’s Story to see if she would like to do this together. We already are supporting each other throughout the month with our monthly goals, why not help throughout the year. Steph replied that she would also like to do this.

I wrote out my goals last night and sent them off to Steph to see what she thought. My goals are big and I was afraid I am biting off more than I can chew. Steph was nice enough to remind that it is what we are supposed to be doing.

So, without further ado, here are my goals for 2012.

Research – I really want to prove / disprove the Mayflower connection in my Richmond line. My only concern with this in funding the project.

Writing – Since I do not consider myself a great writer, this goal will be the hardest for me. I have been told many times by my aunt (who reads my blog faithfully) that I need to write a book on my O’Connell research. There have been a few family members who have researched this family and it remains difficult. At this point, my research has surpassed those before me, I do not feel like I have enough research on this line. There are still a few branches of the family I would like to work on.

Since the O’Connell line is out of the question for writing a book about, I have decided that this goal will go along with my goal for research. The proving / disproving the Mayflower connection is a large task and one that will need to be well documented as I research it. If I fail at researching, I fail at the writing. That is scary, to set for goals and know that if I miss in research, I miss in writing as well. If I succeed, it will be a huge thing for those that are researching this line and only have a theory at this point. I have gotten a few emails wanting to know if I have the proof (all from other family members).

Organizational – This past year when we opened out own business, the basement was turned into my office, sort of. It has never been completed for business, let alone my genealogy work. This year, I want to organize my office for genealogy as well. I need to move all my books, magazines, bins and other genealogy “stuff” into the basement and then start to get it all organized. I hope to be able to utilize Motivation Monday (on the first Monday of each month) to keep me moving in this long process.

Educational – I have signed up for ProGen and hope to start in 2012. I will be doing this with my genealogy buddy, Stephanie and our friend Laura of The Last Leaf on This Branch. Hopefully, the three of us will be able to complete this successfully with all that we have going on in our lives. Unfortunately, I will be taking a break from the classes at the National Institute of Genealogical Studies. Also in the plans is to go back to school to take my general education classes. Now that my kids are old enough to take care of themselves, it’s time for me to start working towards a degree.

Are you interested in Steph’s goals? You should be, she has many great goals she is working towards. Read about her goals here.

Reviewing 2011 Resolutions

Here are both my goals and the steps I plan to take:

1. Attend a conference, it has been great networking with others in the field, but I would like to actually meet some of you. Since IL is hosting FGS this year, I am hoping to be able to attend. Springfield is not too far that I cannot make this happen.

In June, I attended SCGS Jamboree, met many great people and had a great time. If you get a chance to attend, please do.

2. Continue research on my O’Connell line. Find out more about Denis O’Connell and his parents.

None of these goals have been completed to date.

  • Check for marriage records
  • baptismal records
  • death records
  • obituaries
  • ship records
  • naturalization records

3. Start researching Teahan line. Specifically Helen Teahan.

None of these goals have been completed to date, I have searched for some of the records and have not found anything so far.

  • Check for marriage records
  • baptismal records
  • death records
  • obituaries

4. Spend time giving back to the genealogy community by transcribing records. I plan to start this with Restore the Ancestors Project. I am not going to give myself an actual goal of how many records I would like to do, but I will keep you up to date as I move forward with this.

I did not do the Restore Your Ancestors Project, I had problems with Footnote/Fold3. However, I did transcribe for FamilySearch (298 records) and BillionGraves (275 records). Obviously I have not transcribed a large amount, but this was a first time goal and any help is help.

5. Education – I have 1 class to finish for my first set of classes that I am taking through NIGS. I hope to finish this one and move on to the next group.

Yep, did not finish this either. I started a new business and time to work on this has been minimal. I will probably have to resign up for this class. I did take an additional class that was quicker than ASM1, and I completed it.

6. Blogging – I spent an evening looking back at 2010, it seems that I am not consistent in my posting. I want to commit more time and post more consistently. I have recently found that if I actually write with pen and paper I seem to get more done. I have committed a notebook specifically to the blog and hope this will help me. I also hope to move the blog to a self hosted site in the near future.

Blogging has been up and done throughout the year, though I have not had as many views as I did in 2010. I did have a few record breaking months for me.

Even though I did not attain many of my goals, I did take steps towards them. For my O’Connell research, I have joined the Irish American Heritage Center and I am attending genealogy meetings there.

Summing up 2009 Goals

The next installment of Carnival of Genealogy is about our goals for 2010. I could not very well write new goals with revisiting the ones I set for 2009. Below are the goals for 2009 in bold and what I have accomplished so far.

1. Find out who the parents are for John O’Connell.

Still trying to find out. I have found where John is buried, I need to order his death certificate to continue my research.

2. Find out who the parents are for Bridget Curran O’Connell.

Again, I have found where she is buried and need to get more records to continue research on the Curran line. According to church records, they believe she had a sister named Catherine.

3. Place the remaining 2 O’Connell’s at St Paul’s/St Mary’s Cemetery into the family tree.

Still have to place Marie O’Connell (1859 – 1950). I am thinking she is either a second wife for John or an unmarried sister.

4. Go to NY and visit the cemeteries and get photo’s of grave markers (St Paul’s/St Mary’s, Black River and Mount Carmel). Plus meet the family I have found.

Since I have been unemployed for most of the year, I have not been able to make it to NY. I have written letters and spoke on the phone with one of the relatives I have found. Theresa is willing to meet with our family and interested in whatever family information I have found.

5. Continue to blog my research and findings on a regular basis.

Still blogging about my research

6. Start more in-depth research on the Springer line.

The Springer line starts with my Great Grandmother Rose Springer (30 Mar 1888 – 22 Aug 1966). So far, I have found her Mother in once census record. Mother is Mary, she also has a brother, William and a sister, Sophia/Sophie.

Though I have done a lot of research this year, it seems I need to work more on these goals. To be precise, I need to set precise goals and go from there.

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