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Tuesday’s Tips: Old Fulton NY Post Cards

Do you have New York ancestors? Have you utilized Old Fulton NY Postcards?

The first few times I accessed this site, I was more than confused as to how to access the records they keep. What records do they have you ask. NEWSPAPERS. I love old newspapers. On this site, I have found obituaries, quick updates about ancestors leaving town and then coming back as well.

So, you ask what is so confusing about the website. On the right 2/3 of the web page is a ability to page the site owner, look at older photo’s and log in. You do not need to log in to use this site.

screen shot of home page

On the right side is where you do your research. You plug in the information you are looking for and are given a list of hits to search through. Everything is in small print, so be careful going through these lists. Personally, as I go through my lists, I look at what area the paper is before I open it. If it is in the area my ancestors lived, I will then open and see what I can find.

List of results for John O’Connell

There are 5,000 hits when I searched for John O’Connell, which is way too many to go through. This is when I get selective and will look for papers that were located near the places John had lived.

There are many different searches that can be performed on this site. If you have ancestors in NY, I suggest you take some time and search here to see if you can find anything in their newspapers.

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