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My Irish Ancestor

The 16th edition of the Irish Heritage and Culture has asked bloggers to submit a story on an Irish ancestor and share a photo, if possible. When I started researching the family tree, the one question I really wanted to answer was where in Ireland did my Irish ancestors come from? At this point I am no closer to answering that question, but I am still working on it.


Larry (Ambrose) and Dennis

Copyright © 2009 Terri O’Connell (original photo held by Terri O’Connell)

Dennis O’Connell was born 6 Sep 1883 to John and Bridget (Curran) O’Connell of Granville, NY. Dennis was third of seven children. He was also the first son born into the family. He was baptized 10 days after his birth at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church, Middle Granville, NY. His sponsors were Edward and Mary Leanord. He married Rose Springer circa 1897.

Rose and Dennis had 4 children, Ambrose Lawrence (my Grandfather), Linus Joseph, Theresa May and the fourth child died as a toddler. They started their family in New Hampshire, where Ambrose was born in 1905. In 1910, the family was living at 11 New Street, Town of Moreau, Saratoga County, NY. Also living with the family was Mary E. Robichaud and William Springer (Rose’s Mother and brother).

Dennis is found in 1918, in Thorold, Alberta, Canada on 15 Jan 1918. This record states he has been living there for three months. Dennis continues his career in papermaking, working for the Ontario Paper Company.

By 1920, Dennis and Rose have divorced.  Rose is raising the three children, between the ages 11 and 14, alone. They are living at 12 Jay Street, Queensbury, Warren County, NY.

Dennis died in 17 Nov 1950. His body was returned home to Hudson Falls, NY. Where he is buried surrounded his father, brother – John W, sister  – Harriet and other O’Connell family members at St Paul’s/St Mary’s Cemetery, Hudson Falls, NY.

Though  few relatives remain that were around when Dennis was alive, I unfortunately have no stories to share. Dennis spent his remaining years in Canada and his grandchildren were raised in Chicago, IL. Though they lived far apart, it seems that Dennis did remain in touch with his children through the years. Through conversations with family members, I know that his oldest son went to Canada and stayed with his Dad for work reasons at one point. I also have pictures of Dennis with his three grown children.

Since I have not found any official divorce records at this point, I can only assume that the reason Dennis left NY for Canada is to find employment. I hope that one day, I will be able to find the truth to this.

In his private records that I have, I can see that he was a hard worker and had many friends. In these records is a poem written upon his death by co workers. I will add this to my blog another day. 


1 Letter from Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Middle Granville, dated 7 Jul 1940, Original,  held by Terri O’Connell

2 1910 Federal  Census,  Town of Moreau, Saratoga County, NY ED 119, SD 9, sheet 7A, line 7, Ancestry.com, http://search.ancestry.com/iexec/?htx=View&r=an&dbid=7884&iid=NYT624_1076-0707&fn=Dennis&ln=Oconnel&st=r&ssrc=pt_t9822545_p-737908889_g32768&pid=19920176

3 1920 Federal Census, Queensbury, Warren County, NY ED 163, SD 10, Sheet 1B, line 77, Ancestry.com, http://search.ancestry.com/iexec/?htx=View&r=an&dbid=6061&iid=NYT625_1272-0094&fn=Rose&ln=O+Connell&st=r&ssrc=pt_t9822545_p-737907139_g32768&pid=87554000


Wordless Wednesday – Hurt Cemetery


Tombstone Tuesday – Thomas Warden


Copyright © 2009 Terri O’Connell


Thomas Warden is the earliest ancestor on my Warden line. The Warden family ties into my Richmond line. Nettie Ann Warden married John Eldridge Richmond. Thomas is Nettie’s great, great, great grandfather. Which makes Thomas my GGGGG Grandfather.

I was lucky enough to get to visit the gravesite of many of my ancestors this past week and share this with my 17 year old son. Once I am done going through all the information on this line. I will post more on the Warden family!

Wordless Wednesday – Arlington National Cemetery


Creating family history

This is a big week in my family. I am currently on a college road trip with my 17 year old son Corey. We are heading East to check out the colleges of his choice. Tonight we are staying in State College, PA and have a tour set up for Penn State tomorrow. We left home yesterday and spent Saturday evening with my Great Aunt Mary in Ohio. While visiting her, we went to the hospital to visit my Great Aunt Mae who is in their at the moment. It was wonderful to be able to see a few relatives. But, we had to head out to make our first scheduled tour. During our drive, we had great scenery to look at.

America truly is a beautiful place to be!  I am so glad that we are taking the time to make this drive east during the fall. The colors are beyond gorgeous! Vibrant oranges and yellows mixed in with deep shades of red! It is truly breath taking.



The only downside, we saw snow already! It is too early to be having to think about shoveling and scraping windshields. I hope we do not run into any. I did not bring the ice scraper with!

I did have the chance to read Randy’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun and hope to get to it during the week when I have a few minutes to look into it.

Wordless Wednesday, Dennis O’Connell

Dennis O'Connell and sons, Joe and Larry

Dennis O'Connell and sons, Joe and Larry

Wordless Wednesday – Statue of Liberty


Digital photo held by Terri O'Connell

Digital photo held by Terri O'Connell

Wordless Wednesday – Memory Gardens and Monuments


Tombstone Tuesday – O’Connell Grandparents



Lawrence A.


Ida M



Ida and Larry are buried at Memory Gardens and Monuments in Arlington Heights, IL. Learn more about Ida and Larry from previous posts.


Unfortunately, while I was in the cemetery to take these photographs, the weather was changing quickly. I was limited with what I can do while I was there. I will need to go back to the cemetery to clean up the family plots and take some more pictures of the older part of the cemetery. 

Organization is key to success

This afternoon, while I was going through my routine of reading email, checking facebook and looking through other family history blogs. I came across an eye opening blog on organization for bloggers. Thomas MacEntee over at Genea Bloggers does a wonderful job of keeping everyone up to date on what is going on in the genealogy world. One would never think that he will be able two find a new way to help us, but it seems that each week he puts out something new!

Last night I spent a great deal of my evening helping my son Corey, who is 17, get organized for his last year of High School. The norm for him, is to just put things down and then take a few hours to find it when he decides he needs it.

For example, this summer he spent two weeks in England. He had already been out of the country once, so we did not need to get him a passport. For months I had told him he needed to find it so that we had no problems when he leaves for England, which would be a few days after school let out. I cannot tell you about the conversations we had about him not being able to find the passport. I told him I would look through my files to see if I filed it with the other important information while he was at school (this was the last week), needless to say, we were down to days before his flight. After I searched all of my files and did not find it, I went into his room and found the passport within 1 minute. He had it on a book shelf, right over his bed. I could not believe he had it right here and could not find it! Of course, when I told him this, he told me I had it the whole time and I was playing games with him. When he did come home, I filed the passport with all other important information. We will not have this problem again.

IMG00010-20090621-1245Corey in Enlgand

Back to school organization, first we put all his notebooks, binders and folders together with the class they went to, in order of the days schedule. Then we organized a file box for his classes  as well. So that once his binder was full, he could just move things into the file box. In the back of the file box, we put together files for all the colleges he plans to apply at. What a list that is! Then in the very back is a file for Misc. Colleges. I am grateful just to get these letters off of the coffee table. (I do not remember all of these letters coming when my daughter was a Senior). Corey told my basically that I “rock” when we finished this. He could not believe that we could get him so organized and ready for this important year ahead of him.

One can see that Thomas’ post hit home for me today. To spend the time organizing everyone else and not myself, unacceptable! So, I have finally created my calender for Finding Our Ancestors! I have inserted all of the upcoming carnivals, with the information for that specific carnival. Also, put in all the daily themes. My goal is to try and take some time on the weekends and get everything done for the upcoming week. As a blogger, I know I do not spend enough time on my blog. I do it all by the seat of my pants and move on from there. 

As a family researcher, one of my goals for the summer was to move forward in my research. I have failed at this because I did not organize myself to be successful. Hopefully, I will be able to spend the next week or so organizing my research as well. I have completed a few simple tasks over the summer, but I could have done so much more. If anyone has any great ways they organize their research, I would love some tips on that.

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