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Checking in on my 2011 Resolutions

The beginning of the year I wrote a post on what I would like to accomplish in genealogy this year. Since there are only 2 months left in the year, I thought it would be a good time to get those out and see how I am doing. The answer is so-so.

Here is what I wrote last year and my progress will be in blue.

1. Attend a conference, it has been great networking with others in the field, but I would like to actually meet some of you. Since IL is hosting FGS this year, I am hoping to be able to attend. Springfield is not too far that I cannot make this happen.

I attended Jamboree in Burbank, CA this year and had such a great time that I went to FGS just to hang out for a night. I could not afford admission into the conference this year, but at least I got to spend time with some genea blogging friends.

2. Continue research on my O’Connell line. Find out more about Denis O’Connell and his parents.

  • Check for marriage records
  • baptismal records
  • death records
  • obituaries
  • ship records
  • naturalization records

At this point, I have no further information on Denis O’Connell. I have sent an email to another ancestor that I have been in contact with through ancestry.com and did not receive a reply.  I will try to spend some time on FamilySearch to see if I can find anything there.

3. Start researching Teahan line. Specifically Helen Teahan.

  • Check for marriage records
  • baptismal records
  • death records
  • obituaries

I have no further information on Helen Teahan either. I did start attending genealogy meetings at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago, IL to try and learn more about tracing my Irish ancestry. They have many great ideas, but right now my budget has me at a stand still for ordering any records from Ireland.

4. Spend time giving back to the genealogy community by transcribing records. I plan to start this with Restore the Ancestors Project. I am not going to give myself an actual goal of how many records I would like to do, but I will keep you up to date as I move forward with this.

I started the year strong on this and let it fizzle. Though I never did the transcriptions for Restore the Ancestors Project, I had issues with Fold3 which was actually Footnote back then. Will try to do a bit more before the year ends with FamilySearch.

5. Education – I have 1 class to finish for my first set of classes that I am taking through NIGS. I hope to finish this one and move on to the next group.

I got an extension on this class, it intimidates the crap out of me for some reason and I am taking my time with it. Have a friend that starts it today and we plan to work through it together. How’s that for motivation?

6. Blogging – I spent an evening looking back at 2010, it seems that I am not consistent in my posting. I want to commit more time and post more consistently. I have recently found that if I actually write with pen and paper I seem to get more done. I have committed a notebook specifically to the blog and hope this will help me. I also hope to move the blog to a self hosted site in the near future.

Again, I started the year strong on this goal as well. The notebook and hand writing each post worked. I lost my original notebook and that’s where I lost my momentum in blogging. Hope to make up for it this month with National Blog Posting Month, the goal is to post something everyday. I missed Saturday and Sunday this past weekend and have made those two posts up today. With this being my third, I am completely caught up. I hope to now get a few together and have them set to post automatically. (I actually have a few Halloween ideas for next year that I might writethat up now and have them set to publish in Oct 2013. How’s that for thinking ahead?)

I will say that things have changed at home which is why my genealogy research and blogging has suffered this year. We opened our own business and I work from home. Sometimes, I just do not want to be around my computer. You can read more about my new business here.

Well, it seems like I still have some work to do in the next two months, which is exactly why I like to take a look back and see what else needs to be done.


2011 Resolutions – 1st Quarter Update

In late December, I wrote a post about my 2011 Resolutions. Since we are entering the third month of 2011, I thought it would be a good time to take a look and see where I stand on these goals so far.

  1. Attend a conference – I will discuss this in a future post
  2. Continue researching my O’Connell line – always a work in progress.
  3. Start researching my Teahan line – I have found nothing so far.
  4. Give back to genealogy community – So far I have transcribed 219 names through FamilySearch. Some of the records I have transcribed are TX birth records, PA, NY and AR WWII Draft records and Canada, Ontario Marriages. I still need to reread all information for the Restore The Ancestors Project and do my 10 pages there. I have worked a bit more on my class through NIGS and I have signed up for another on that starts in March.
  5. As for blogging, I cannot say I have been consistent. But I am trying. Working with pen and paper has been more helpful in January, I just need to stick with it.


Reviewing 2010 Resolutions

As 2010 comes to a close, it is time to take a look back at the resolutions made for this year and see how I did with my research and then I can decide what my resolutions will be for 2011.

Find out who the parents are of John O’Connell and Bridget (Curran) O’Connell.

For John, I actually found a death certificate. Through the death certificate I was able to have someone find his obituary for me. Read how my Brickwall Came Tumbling Down for more information.

John’s parents are Denis O’Connell and Helen Teahan.

For Bridget, I am still searching for more concrete evidence. At this point, I know she was a sponsor to Catherine (nee’ Curran) Berringer’s daughter. I was hoping to find proof that Bridget and Catherine are sisters, but no such luck. I do have an index from Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland that shows a Bridget Currane was baptized. This index shows parents as Patrick Currane and Mary McGill. According to research being completed on Catherine Curran Berringer, her parents are John Curran and Catherine McCarthy.

So I still have no absolute proof on Bridget’s parents. I have called the town and county where Bridget is buried to see if they have any death records on her, they do not. Our Lady of Mount Carmel has not further information on Bridget or Catherine.

Find out who Marie O’Connell that is buried in St Mary / St Paul’s cemetery is? Does she fit into the family. She is the last O’Connell there.

What I have found so far is that a John O’Connell married a Marie Goyette at St. Paul’s Church on 9 Apr 1915.  John and Marie are found living in Nassau, Rensselaer, NY in 1920 and Fair Haven, Rutland, VT in 1930 (which is where John died in 1931). At this point, I have not found any mention of Marie in the Newspapers, no marriage notice or obituary. I can only assume that the Marie in St. Paul’s cemetery is John’s wife.

Visit the NY Cemeteries were my family members are buried. While in NY, meet the remaining family members that are there.

I completed this journey in June with a cousin and aunt. I have shared some of the photo’s already and have more to share.

Continue research into my Springer line.

The specific records I was looking for on this line were specific to Rose Springer. I was hoping to find her birth, marriage, divorce or even her second marriage records. I have not found one of them so far. To be honest though, I did not search very hard.

What I have been able to find out has come from a phone interview with a cousin in Az who told me that the Springer family is from Quebec and when they moved to the states, they changer their name from Fontaine to Springer. She also told me that Rose’s father died before 1900, he had been struck by lightening (I believe he was going from the house to the barn). I used this information to search ancestry.com message boards and I found another cousin out west. I was able to meet with one of Rose’s nieces over the summer, she took me to a family function where I was able to meet other family members who also remember Rose. It was a great privilege to spend the evening with the extended family.

Find a very nice person who is willing to translate Russian to English for me so I can continue research on my Mother-in-laws family.

Thanks to Thomas MacEntee at Geneabloggers, I found someone who translated a few sections of a Russian website.

My brother-in-law also started helping research this line and we have been able to find the family in ship records (which is what I have been trying to find for about 2 years now).

So, that is my year in review. I hope everyone else has had a good year as well and that you were able to meet some of your goals.

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