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Be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family, friends and readers.

Today, I am thankful for all of you!




Giving Thanks

When my children were younger, I spent many hours volunteering my time with cheerleading, boy scouts and girl scouts. I loved being involved in the things that they enjoyed. It kept us busy and as a parent, I knew what was going on in the lives of my children and their friends.

Girl Scouts seemed to take up a lot of our time, my son seemed to be a girl scout before he was old enough to be a boy scout. He never complained the meetings, field trips or just hanging out with all the older girls. For the years that I was a Girl Scout leader, things became routine throughout the year and even some traditions grew out of that.

For the Thanksgiving Holiday, our troop would host a thanksgiving meal for whatever family members wanted to join us. Everyone would bring a dish to share and there was always plenty of food, conversation and fun for all. Since religion is always such a touchy subject, we did not say a prayer. But, everyone would stand in a circle, around the table, hold hands and one by one we would say what we were thankful for. It was wonderful to see these young girls dig into their hearts to find something to say. It was obvious that this was not the norm for anyone, but we all did it.

As my kids are older now and we are not involved in any of these activities, we have taken this tradition to our family. Because we have such a large family gathering and dinner is buffet style we all gather together around the food and one by one our loved ones now do this. I truly love watching the young children tell us what they are thankful for. As a parent, I truly hope this a tradition that my children will pass on to theirs one day.


In this holiday week, we take the time to remember all things we are thankful for. For my family, this has been a difficult week. We lost a very special person last Friday and laid her to rest yesterday. Aunt Mae was the oldest of her sisters and the storngest women I know. I have always enjoyed visiting her family in Ohio. Fun was what the family ordered, and it was always there. The love that filled her house was endless, and it was offered to all! She will be greatly missed by her family and friends. 

As Thanksgiving approaches, I want to take the time to say that I am thankful for my family and friends. For the love that surrounds us and keeps us up when we need it. For the family that has gone before us and made us who and what we are today. Also, for my genealogy  friends that are always there to help when we need it.

If it was not for my genealogy friends, there would be a lot of information missing in family files this year. I am eternally grateful for all of the help you continue to give on a daily basis. 

Most of all, I am thankful that in this sad time, I was able to spend a few days with my Mom. She lives out of state and I have not been able to see her for the past two years.


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