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This Weeks Mystery Has Been Solved

Earlier in the week, I wrote a post about things I learned in the 1940 Census on my great-great uncle, John O’Connell. You can read the original post here. It seems for a few years, he owned a restaurant in Hudson Falls, NY and I wanted to find out the name and see if said restaurant was still open. Thanks to my friend Terri on Facebook, I know have the information.

Last night, Terri was kind enough to post on my Facebook wall that she had found the name of the restaurant and she also left me a link to where she found the information on Ancestry.

Here is a cropped version of the record.

Twin Acres was the name of his restaurant. I googled it and did not find a listing for it. I will however be setting an alert on Ebay to see if I can find anything there.

The next question is, who is the Mary listed under John? John had a sister Mary who married three different times. Could this be her, between husbands?

Thanks to Terri and all my friends on FB who take the time out to help each other with all the genealogy questions. If you are not on Facebook, I highly recommend any genealogist to open an account. It is a great way to network and get help with your research when you hit a block!

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