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Surname Saturday: Jonas

This is my first Surname Saturday post and I thought I would post about my Jonas family line, which is the line I have been spending my most time on lately.

William (Wilhelm) Jonas b. abt 1863 in Germany,
Marie Lustgens b. abt 1863 in Germany and they had 14 children.

Unknown Jonas
Unknown Jonas
Emma Jonas b. 16 Jan 1887, Niles, Cook, IL
Annie Jonas b. Sep 1888
Wilhelmena (Minnie) Jonas b. Mar 1890
William Seifert 13 Mar 1909
William August Seifert 29 Jul 1910, Chicago, Cook, IL
Theodor Seifert 18 Nov 1911, Chicago, Cook, IL
Martha Seifert 15 Jan 1914, Chicago, Cook, IL

Louisa (Betha) Jonas b. 14 Jan 1892 Niles, Cook, IL
m. Charles Klopp 21 Oct 1913 Morton Grove, Cook, IL

William Jonas b. Apr 1893 Cook, IL d. 22 Aug 1911 Cook, IL
Martha Jonas b. Dec 1894 Cook, IL d. 11 July 1911 Cook, IL
Otto Jonas b. Nov 1896
Ella Jonas b. 12 Apr 1898 d. 11 Oct 1956 Cook, IL
m. Frederick Jaeger 26 Nov 1918 Chicago, Cook, IL
Ruth Jaeger b. 29 Jan 1917 d. 18 Feb 1993 Chicago, Cook, IL
Margaret (Ida) Jaeger b. 1 Jan 1919 d. 15 Apr 1980 Chicago, Cook, IL
Dorothy Jaeger b. 24 Mar 1920 d. 28 Aug 2002 Chicago, Cook IL
Irene Jaeger b. 31 Oct 1923 d . 2 Mar 1993 Chicago, Cook, IL
Max Jonas b. Dec 1899 d. Aug 1969 Morton Grove, Cook, IL d. 4 Aug 1969
m. Jeanette Tokarsz 21 Jun 1937
Matilda Jonas b. 1902
Margaretha Jonas b. 24 Aug 1904 Morton Grove, Cook, IL
Theadore Jonas b. 17 Dec 1906 Morton Grove, Cook, IL

I do know that one of the unknown children is Augusta Jonas, I just do not know her birth order. Source for Augusta is from an Aunt and a newspaper article about the death of Martha.

I believe the other unknown child is John Jonas who married Ida Vick. They are buried close to William and Marie Jonas in Niles, IL. But, I do need to find the connection to bring the families together. One of the witnesses for the marriage of John and Ida Jonas  is Emma Jonas. Emma is child #3 of William and Marie, if John does fit into this family, he would be child # 1 or 2.

Do you have any Jonas relations? My research into this family has been very recent and I would love to connect with anyone that has is a relation to the above mention people.

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