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Finding Our Ancestors Website

Almost a year ago, I purchased my own domain, hoping that one day I would get a my own website up and running. Hoping, that one day in the future I just might decide to become a professional genealogist.

Yesterday, Linda McCauley posted on her genealogy blog, You Really Should Have a Genealogy Website, on Documenting the Details. After going through her blog post, it just clicked that I needed to finish my website. Don’t get me wrong, it was up and published, I just did not utilize the space I am paying for.

Today, I spent the majority of my day updating the website be adding information, inserting family trees and getting pages set for the future. I also took the opportunity to link in my photography and travel blogs, and make a link to my business web site (with information about that as well).

In the future, I might merge my blog over there as well. Right now, weebly does not let you import your blog in. But, I am not concerned with that right now. If you click on my blog name there, it brings you here.

Please, take a moment and check out Finding Our Ancestors and let me know what you think.

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