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Royal, West Virginia

As I was going through my records today for each of my great-great grandparent, I was pulling out all the pertinent data. Basically, I am making sure I have all the who, what, when and where from each record. Interesting enough, on my Richmond line, I found mention of a town in Raleigh County, WV that I had never heard of, Royal. I put a question mark on it and went on with my day.

A few hours later and I was looking at the records again and I started thinking, where is Royal and how come this is not a town that I have heard of. I found the name of the town on the marriage record of John Eldridge Richmond and Nettie Ann Warden. So, I decided it was time to give my good friend google a whirl and see what it would tell me.

The first hit on the list was from you tube. I am not a big fan of you tube, I mean I watch some of the video clips that are funny, “Charlie bit my finger” and things like that. But, I do not really use it in my genealogy research. I know there are things out there on you tube pertaining to genealogy, but I just never really look there. Well, today I decided I should click on this you tube link and see what they have to say about Royal, WV and I am glad I did. It was a video of a Forest Ranger giving information about Royal and for any genealogist with family that was in this area it is extremely helpful, not to mention they go into a cemetery and show a few headstone.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video (7.59 minutes to be exact)

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